October 22, 1996: Blest Are The Peacemakers

"Blest are the peacemakers;
they shall be called sons (and daughters) of God."

Matthew 5:9

Yes, Lord, may there be peace on this earth.
Let it begin with me.
No one will be at peace until you dwell in their hearts.
Bring all people to your heart.
We praise you Lord for your mercy that you have shown to us.
We cannot be at peace with each other until we are at peace with you.
Forgive our sins, O Lord. We do not know what we are doing.
Save us, O Lord.
Free us from our sins.
Save us, O Lord.
We are your children. Call us home.
Be our shelter and protect us.
We will never be at peace until you have touched our very souls.
Help us to realize who we are --- we are your sons and daughters.
Yes, we know that we are not worthy, but we cling to you.
Save us, O Lord.
We are nothing without you.

Bless Pedro at UNMC and his family. You know what is best.
We call on your name for help.
Bless the doctors and nurses that are taking care of him.
Thanks for hearing my prayer.
You alone know what is best for him.
We leave it in your hands.
We trust in you, O Lord.


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