October 26, 1996: Be Glad And Rejoice

Jesus said,
"Be glad and rejoice,
for your reward is great in heaven;
they persecuted the prophets before
you in the very same way."

Matthew 5:12

Yes, Lord, help us to rejoice.
We are so sad.
If we stand up for you, people laugh at us
or call us fanatics and other things.
Give us strength to say what needs to be said to a lost world.
Give us the tact to say it as you would say it.
Give us your Holy Spirit to say the right words.
Help us to be bold.
The forces of evil are very bold --- help us to be more so.
We cannot do it without you.
Give us that strength.
Help us to do what YOU want us to do.
You are calling us.
Help us to hear only your voice, O Lord.
Help us to hear clearly your message of truth.
Keep us safe from the evil one. Protect us, O Lord.
Be our guide. Be our light.
Show us THE WAY!
You are all that we have.
We call on your most holy name this day.
Jesus, help us.
We are so unworthy of this calling.
Make us worthy of this great calling that you have bestowed on us.
We are your children. You are our God.


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