October 28, 1996: Living Waters

Jesus said,
"If only you recognized God's gift,
and who it is that is asking you for a drink,
you would have asked him instead,
and he would have given you living water."

John 4:10
(This was the scripture they read at CCC 10-27-1996 9 AM service.)

Yes, Lord, please give us this living water!
We need so much help, O Lord Jesus!
We are dead in our sins. Save us, O Lord.
Forgive our sins and give us this living water.
Help us to be alive as you meant us to live.
We are dead --- bring us back to life.
Purify us, O Lord. Drive the sins from our thoughts.
May we think only of you, O Lord.
We see the world all around us in chaos.
They need you, Jesus. Help us to reach the lost this day.
You are our only hope.

We thank you, Lord, for this living water.
Wow, thanks, we needed that.
You love us so much.
You are so good to us.
You make us alive. We are dead without you, Jesus.
Thanks for your grace.
Thanks for your love.
All good gifts come from you.

Jesus, I ask you to bless Tom this day.
He is so confused. Bless him.
You know what he needs in his life.
Touch his soul.
Bring him close to you, Jesus.
He is my brother. Help him, O Lord.
Thanks for hearing my prayer.


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