November 15, 1996: The Rich Man

"Once there was a rich man
who dressed in purple and linen
and feasted splendidly every day.
At his gate lay a beggar named Lazarus
who was covered with sores.
Lazarus longed to eat the scraps that
fell from the rich man's table.
The dogs even came and licked his sores.
Eventually the beggar died.
He was carried by angels to the bosom of Abraham.
The rich man likewise died and was buried.
From the abode of the dead where he was in torment,
he raised his eyes and saw Abraham afar off,
and Lazarus resting in his bosom."

Luke 16:19-23

Jesus, you told us this parable for a reason.
Yes, we are rich in this USA.
We have houses and food and cars and toys and lots of stuff.
Do we ever think about the poor?
We know that you do, O Lord.
Help us to be concerned with the poor in our city.
Help us to reach out to those in need.
Heaven forbid that we ignore them and do nothing.
Have mercy on our souls, O Lord.
We do not know what we are doing or not doing.
Guide our thoughts to others.
Help us to be generous with our goods in this life.
We are so attached to the things of this world.
Show us the value of material things in this life.
Show us how to love our neighbor.
Teach us how to be detached from the things of the world.
Show us how to love only you.
You are our treasure.
We thank you for all that you have provided for us.
You are so good to us here in the USA.
We have more than we would ever need.
You are our savior. Come and save us, O Lord.
Teach us your values. Show us what is of value in your sight.
Help us, O Lord.


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