November 16, 1996: The Time of Fulfillment

Jesus said,
"This is the time of fulfillment.
The reign of God is at hand!
Reform your lives and
believe in the gospel!"

Mark 1:15

Yes, Jesus, the reign of God is at hand!
Help us, O Lord, to change our ways.
We do not want to change.
We want everything to stay as it is.
But you, O Lord, shake us up and move us.
We have to keep on wandering through the desert of our lives.
It is time to break camp and move on to new things.
We are set in our ways.
Change us, O Lord. We are blind to our faults.
We cannot see our sin. Help us to reform.
Change our lives. Make us to be like you want us to be.
Mold us into your children. Hold us in your hands.
Change us, O Lord.
Free us from our sins. We need you, O Lord.
Come and save us, O Lord.
Please, help us.
Please, be with us.
We need you, O Lord.


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