November 17, 1996: The Good News

Jesus said,
"Go into the whole world
and proclaim the good news to all creation.
The man who believes in it
and accepts baptism will be saved;
the man who refuses to believe in it
will be condemned."

Mark 16:15-16

Jesus, you have the words of everlasting life.
Save us, O Lord.
We want to hear the good news.
Tell us the reason we are here.
Tell us about life.
Tell us about hope.
You are our life.
Give to us the bread of life.
We hunger for you, O Lord.
We are empty without you.
Fill our souls.
Give us words for the lost.
Give us a desire to reach out to them.
Give us the peace that only you can give.
Change our lives, O Lord Jesus.
We cannot do it without you.
Free us from our sins.
Help us to rejoice in you.
You are our only hope.
Come and save us, O Lord.
Thank you for your word, O Lord.
We thank you for the Bible.
We thank you for the Good News.


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