November 28, 1996: I Continually Thank My God

"I continually thank my God for you
because of the favor he has
bestowed on you in Christ Jesus,
in whom you have been richly endowed
with every gift of speech and knowledge."

1 Corinthians 1:4

Lord Jesus, we thank you this day
for all that you have given us.
You have given us knowledge of you.
We thank you for your holy words in the Bible.
We thank you for the speech you have given us
when we needed words to comfort a friend.
We thank you for revealing to us who you are.
It is amazing how much you want to teach us.
You want to share your life with us.
You want us to have an abundant life.
You want to fill us with your blessings.
Come, O Lord, and prepare our hearts to receive.
Help us to let go of the many things we cling to in this life.
Help us to dwell with you, O Lord.
Let us go camping with you.
Take us, O Lord, on a journey to your place.
In the end call us home to you one day.
We pray that we may do your will, O Lord.
We give you everything, O Lord Jesus.
Show is your way that leads to life.


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