December 1, 1996: Prepare The Way

In Isaiah the prophet it is written:
"I send my messenger before you
to prepare your way:
a herald's voice in the desert, crying,
'Make ready the way of the Lord,
clear him a straight path.'"

Mark 1:2-3

Come, Lord Jesus!
We welcome you, O Lord.
Come and fill our hearts.
We long for you, O Lord.
Come and dwell with us.
We are empty without you.
We are nothing without you.
You are the source of life.
Come and fill us with your abundant life.
You are our savior.
We can't wait to see you.
Show us your face.
Show us the truth.
Give us the grace to see you.
Help us to receive your grace and peace.
As John the Baptist did, let us prepare for your coming.
Let us take the time to come away to the desert.
Help us to hear your voice.
Come to us in the quiet of our souls.
Come and fill us with your peace and joy.
We are so distracted from you.
Forgive our many sins.
We are not perfect.
Forgive our failings.
Make us pure and holy and pleasing to you.
Forgive us, O Lord.
We are sorry for what we have done.


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