January 28, 1997: A Seed

And Jesus said,
"With what can we compare the kingdom of God,
or what parable shall we use for it?
It is like a grain of mustard seed,
which, when sown upon the ground,
is the smallest of all the seeds on earth;
yet when it is sown it grows up
and becomes the greatest of all shrubs,
and puts forth large branches,
so that the birds of the air
can make nests in its shade."

Mark 4:30-32

Jesus, plant the seed of faith in our lives.
Increase our faith.
Plant this tiny seed.
Provide the growth, O Lord.
Help us to grow with your help.
Help us to learn more about you.
We are so small and scared.
We don't want to change.
We like the darkness of our sin.
Bring us out into the light of your life.
Give us the life giving waters.
Help us to grow and change.
You have made us to achieve great things.
We want to hide.
Bring us out to the sunlight of your love.
Help us to grow a little each day.
Give us more and more strength to seek you.
Teach us your ways, O Lord.
Show us your light and grace.
Give us your peace.
We cannot do it without you, O Lord.
Please, help us to grow.
Draw us closer to you each day.
Make us like you.
Change us, O Lord.


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