Ticket To Heaven

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by Dan Boeckman
E-mail address: dan@spring2life.com
Omaha, Nebraska USA

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Ticket To Heaven

By Dan Boeckman (Internet Site: http://spring2life.com )

Grand Canyon
hermit crab
sand castles

There was this boy walking to school one day. It was the first day of school after a summer break and he was excited about meeting the new kids and seeing his old friends. He noticed a piece of paper on the sidewalk. He tried to kick it and missed. It was blowing around in the wind. John reached down and picked it up. He put it in his shirt pocket and continued on his way. He did not see what was written on the paper.

When he arrived at school they were asked to share what had happened to them over the summer. His mind was racing. He did not know where to start. Would he tell them about the trip to the Grand Canyon? Would he tell them about his pet hermit crab "Henry"? What about the giant sand castles he had seen? What about the traffic accident he was in? The teacher told them to write down what they were going to say to the class. John wrote a few sentences and then paused to think of what else had happened over the summer.

Then he remembered what had happened on the way to school. The piece of paper was still in his pocket. He was curious about what it said. He pulled it out. The white paper had gold letters. It said, "Ticket to heaven. Present this at the pearly gates to enter. No expiration date. Come as you are. Bring all your friends and family. You will be happy forever and ever." It sure looked official. Was it real? Was there a new play or movie that had come to town? Was it a joke? John did not know what to think. Was there a new ice cream store that opened? Just then his teacher was standing over him and asking him what he was reading. He said it was nothing and put it back in his pocket. Now his teacher was curious. She had seen the gold letters, but not been able to read the words.




Heaven exists. It is real. You don't need a ticket to enter. This is just a simple story written in 1997 to make you stop and think. Your life is real. Where will you spend eternity? Have you set your destination?

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