March, 2010

Trust in the Lord
God is good

God is love

Lean on the Lord

Pray to Jesus daily

Read the Bible

(March 31, 2010 Wed 7:55 AM CDT)

This morning I'm looking at a church
that I went to in downtown Albuquerque in August 1998.
I was sending an email to someone that lives there
and is moving to Omaha soon.
Grab the "N" on the top left and rotate the picture
until you see the church.
Someday I want to go back to Albuquerque and explore the town.

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"With God there is no favoritism."
Romans 2:11

God loves us all.
We are all special to him.
You are a child of God.
Be open to his favor today.

(March 30, 2010 Tue 11:26 AM CDT)

I watched the movie UP this morning.
It is very good.
It surprised me.
I loved Dug the talking dog.

"Jesus told them,
'No one can come to me
unless the Father who sent me draws him;
I will raise him up on the last day.'"
John 6:43-44

The Lord will lift you up.
Trust in him.
Death is not the end.
It is the beginning of an adventure
that will never end.
You can talk to the Lord forever.

(March 29, 2010 Mon 8:06 AM CDT)

They play this song on KGBI in Omaha all the time.
Better Than A Hallelujah

"When they persisted in their questioning,
Jesus straightened up and said to them,
'Let the man among you who has no sin,
be the first to cast a stone at her.'"
John 8:7

Who is perfect?
Who is without sin?
Ask Jesus to forgive you.
Don't cast stones.
Jesus, forgive my sins.
I need your forgiveness.
Change me, Lord.

(March 28, 2010 Sun 8:28 AM CDT)

Welcome to Holy Week.
Be open to God's many blessings this week.

"They spread their cloaks on the roadway
as Jesus moved along;
and on his approach to the descent from Mount Olivet,
the entire crowd of disciples
began to rejoice and praise God loudly
for the display of power they had seen, saying:
'Blessed is he who comes as king
in the name of the Lord!
Peace in heaven
and glory in the highest!'"
Luke 19:36-38

Welcome Jesus to your town.
He is the king.
Give praise and honor to him.

(March 27, 2010 Sat 7:53 AM CDT)

I have to take a test this morning for a job
to help with the 2010 census .

"At about that time another large crowd assembled,
and they were without anything to eat.
Jesus called the disciples over to him and said:
'My heart is moved with pity for the crowd.
By now they have been with me three days
and have nothing to eat.
If I send them home hungry,
they will collapse on the way.
Some of them have come a great distance.'"
Mark 8:1-3

The journey is long.
Jesus is concerned about you.
He will care for you.
Have a hunger for holiness.
Go the distance.

(March 26, 2010 Fri 6:54 AM CDT)

I started to read the WPF book yesterday.

"But may all who seek you
exult and be glad in you,
And may those who love your salvation
say ever, 'God be glorified!'"
Psalms 70:4 or 5

Seek the Lord.
You will be glad that you have found him.
Love the Lord.
Give glory to him.

(March 25, 2010 Thu 9:30 AM CDT)

I went to the dentist this morning.
God bless him and all the people in his office.
I met someone there that I used to work with
many years ago at UPRR .
He lost his job in April 2009 at InfoGroup .
He had a tooth pulled.

"If we say, 'We are free of the guilt of sin,'
we deceive ourselves;
the truth is not to be found in us.
But if we acknowledge our sins,
he who is just can be trusted
to forgive our sins and
cleanse us from every wrong."
1 John 1:8-9

Jesus, forgive my sins.
I have made mistakes.
Set me free.
I want to live for you.

(March 24, 2010 Wed 9:05 AM CDT)

Today I'm reading the security page
on the web site.
Sounds interesting.
You can send and receive files
with anyone over the Internet.
They have over 10 million users.

"A little yeast can affect the entire dough."
Galatians 5:9

Who are your friends?
Who do you spend time with?
Do they lead you closer to the Lord?
Lord, give us more brothers and sisters in Christ.

(March 23, 2010 Tue 8:49 AM CDT)

Another person in our networking group found a job.
He is going to work for UNO starting next Monday.
God bless him and his family.

"I am the vine, you are the branches.
He who lives in me and I in him,
will produce abundantly,
for apart from me you can do nothing."
John 15:5

Be connected.
Connect to the source of life.
Jesus is life.
Do great things.

(March 22, 2010 Mon 8:03 AM CDT)

Jesus said,
"The judgment of condemnation is this:
the light came into the world,
but men loved darkness rather than light
because their deeds were wicked.
Everyone who practices evil hates the light;
he does not come near it
for fear his deeds will be exposed.
But he who acts in truth
comes into the light, to make clear
that his deeds are done in God."
John 3:19-21

Come to the light.
See what is happening.
Open your eyes.
The truth is clear to see.

(March 21, 2010 Sun 8:50 AM CDT)

"From that point on his reputation spread
throughout the surrounding region of Galilee."
Mark 1:28

People heard about Jesus.
They told others about what he did and said.
They spread the word.
We should do the same.

(March 20, 2010 Sat 11:20 AM CDT)

My right knee has been hurting lately.

"Those who serve well as deacons
gain a worthy place for themselves
and much assurance
in their faith in Christ Jesus."
1 Timothy 3:13

God bless all the deacons.
Bless their families.
Thank them for their service.
Increase their faith, Lord.

(March 19, 2010 Fri 7:49 AM CDT)

Yesterday I went to a job fair in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
I met a lot of people.
There were many different types of jobs.
I met someone (Ashley) that worked with someone (Dola)
that I used to work with.
There were many jobs at the casinos in Iowa.
I don't think it is right to work for casinos.
I have seen people gamble away lots of money.
It is not right to take advantage of people like that.
I asked the representative from Lozier
about the fire at their location on Monday.
They have recovered quickly and are back in operation.
REM Iowa was a very different company.
They assist the mentally handicapped with daily living skills.
The 2010 U.S. Census was there.
I filled out my census the other day.
It was very easy.
They need people to follow up on those
that don't fill out the forms.

"I have decided, too, that I must send you Epaphroditus,
my brother, co-worker, and comrade in arms,
whom you sent to take are of my needs."
Philippians 2:25

Help those around you.
Be aware of their needs.
Be thoughtful.
God bless your efforts today.

(March 18, 2010 Thu 8:27 AM CDT)

"Here we found some of the brothers,
who urged us to stay on with them for a week."
Acts 28:14

Go visit people.
Share with them.
Learn from them.
Share God's love with them.

(March 17, 2010 Wed 8:17 AM CDT)

Someone sent me this web cam that is in Kona, Hawaii .
It is kind of dark there at the moment.

It looks like St. Patrick's Day on Wall Street.
Almost all the stocks are green.
Yesterday I was watching the FNGN
stock which had an IPO.
Today it is in the red at the moment.
It is dropping.
It is crowd psychology is action.

"The feast was half over by the time
Jesus went into the temple area
and began to teach.
The Jews were filled with amazement and said,
'How did this man get his education
when he had no teacher?'"
John 7:14-15

Jesus is God.
He is all knowledge.
Go to him with your questions.
He will amaze you with his answers.
He will amaze the crowd.

(March 16, 2010 Tue 8:23 AM CDT)

This morning I'm looking at the 2010 census
form that was sent to me.
The last time I filled out a census was 3-13-2000 .

"After the sabbath,
as the first day of the week was dawning,
Mary Magdalene came with the other Mary
to inspect the tomb.
Suddenly there was a mighty earthquake,
as the angel of the Lord descended from heaven.
He came to the stone, rolled it back,
and sat on it.
In appearance he resembled a flash of lightning
while his garments were as dazzling as snow."
Matthew 28:1-3

It must have been something to be there.
It was resurrection day.
Jesus rose from the dead.
The tomb was empty.
Jesus was alive.

(March 15, 2010 Mon 9:57 AM CDT)

"God has given us the wisdom
to understand fully the mystery, the plan
he was pleased to decree in Christ,
to be carried out in the fullness of time:
namely, to bring all things in the heavens
and on earth into one under Christ's headship."
Ephesians 1:9-10

There is a plan.
God has a plan for your life.
There is a purpose.
There is an order in the chaos.
Ask the Lord for direction.

(March 14, 2010 Sun 9:31 AM CDT)

"Yet God has revealed this wisdom to us
through the Spirit.
The Spirit scrutinizes all matters,
even the deep things of God."
1 Corinthians 2:10

There is much to know.
There is a lot to learn.
Take time to think about God.
Ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom.

(March 13, 2010 Sat 10:25 AM CST)

Yesterday I had a phone interview with someone
in Des Moines, Iowa.
It is just a little east of Omaha on Interstate 80.
The consulting job is in Omaha.

"After Jesus had washed their feet,
he put his cloak back on
and reclined at table once more.
He said to them:
'Do you understand what I just did for you?'"
John 13:12

Jesus has done many things for us.
We don't understand.
His love is overwhelming.
Jesus, thank you for being very kind to us.

(March 12, 2010 Fri 6:29 AM CST and 10:21 AM CST)

Yesterday I found 3 pieces of paper stapled together
at the Westroads Mall in Omaha.
It was instructions on how to visit someone
in a prison here in Omaha.
He is young.
He shot someone while playing a game with a gun.
Not too smart.
Pray for this person and his family.
God be with him and change his life.

Also I sent an email to the person that lost the papers.
They wrote back this morning.

Jesus taught,
"The king will say to those on his right:
You have my Father's blessings!
Inherit the kingdom prepared for you
from the creation of the world.
For I was hungry and you gave me food,
I was thirsty and you gave me drink.
I was a stranger and you welcomed me,
naked and you clothed me.
I was ill and you comforted me,
in prison and you came to visit me.'"
Matthew 25:34-36

Be thoughtful.
Help others.
Many people are hurting.
If you know someone in prison, visit them.
The Lord will bless you.

(March 11, 2010 Thu 12:36 PM CST)

It is a crazy day in Omaha with the wet snow.
A good day to stay home.

I started to read chapter 1 of the WCF book yesterday.
The default port for net.tcp is 808.
I did not know that.
For example URI net.tcp://localhost/WcfService
says to use port 808 by default.

"I was very happy at the arrival of
Stephanas, Fortunatus, and Achaicus,
because they made up for your absence.
They have refreshed my spirit as they did yours.
You should recognize the worth of such people."
1 Corinthians 16:17-18

Are people happy to see you?
Do you bring joy to their lives?
Be a refreshing spirit.

(March 10, 2010 Wed 8:20 AM CST)

I submitted my taxes yesterday.

They have online technical books at Safari .
You pay a fee per month to get access.
It saves trees.
Here is a review of Safari.

Jesus said,
"I am the good shepherd.
I know my sheep
and my sheep know me
in the same way
that the Father knows me
and I know the Father;
for these sheep I will give my life."
John 10:14-15

Listen to the Lord.
Follow him.
He will protect you.
He is willing to die for you.

(March 9, 2010 Tue 8:07 AM CST)

Yesterday I found this video of a
remote control SR-71 .
Pretty impressive.
I kept thinking:
how is he going to land it, but he did.
I think they are speaking in German.

"A little while later someone else
saw Peter and said,
'You are one of them also.'
But he said, 'No, sir, not I!'"
Luke 22:58

Don't deny it.
You know Jesus.
You know all about him.
Share what you know.

(March 8, 2010 Mon 8:11 AM CST)

Someone told me about this Fireflies video.
It is different.
Everything is never as it seems.

"Once, on being asked by the Pharisees
when the reign of God would come, Jesus replied:
'You cannot tell by careful watching
when the reign of God will come.
Neither is it a matter of reporting
that it is here or there.
The reign of God is already in your midst.'"
Luke 17:20-21

It is already here.
It surrounds you.
The reign of God is now.

(March 7, 2010 Sun 8:30 AM CST)

"Many have undertaken to compile
a narrative of the events
which have been fulfilled in our midst."
Luke 1:1

They saw what Jesus did.
They heard what he said.
Many wanted to write it down to share with others.
Read what they had to say in the Bible.

(March 6, 2010 Sat 10:04 AM CST)

The snow is about half melted now in Omaha.
We have had some warmer weather lately.
Thank the Lord.
It was a very tough winter.

Yesterday I was researching the term flash mob .
Here is an example.
These people got together
in the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, Tennessee
for just a few minutes for an event.
Then they just walk away.

"Happy are you who fear the Lord,
who walk in his ways!
For you shall eat the fruit of your handiwork;
happy shall you be, and favored."
Psalms 128:1-2

Don't walk away.
Walk with the Lord.
Happiness is knowing Jesus.
Walk side by side with him.

(March 5, 2010 Fri 8:52 AM CST)

"Simon's mother-in-law lay ill with a fever,
and the first thing they did
was to tell Jesus about her.
He went over to her and grasped her hand
and helped her up, and the fever left her."
Mark 1:30-31

You need the healing touch of Jesus.
He will change your life.
He will lift you up.
You will never be the same.

(March 4, 2010 Thu 8:43 AM CST)

I bought another book yesterday.
This one is called Illustrated WPF .
The book on WCF arrived yesterday.
That did not take too long.

This was one of the readings at church today.

"Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord,
whose hope is the Lord."
Jeremiah 17:7

It is a question of trust.
Do you trust the Lord?
Do you believe in what Jesus has said?
It takes faith.

(March 3, 2010 Wed 8:37 AM CST)

A family in Omaha adopted 3 children from Haiti .
God bless them and help them.

A friend of mine is having surgery today.
God bless them and the doctors and nurses.

"See what love the Father has bestowed on us
in letting us be called children of God!
Yet that is what we are."
1 John 3:1

Know who you are.
Know your Father in heaven.
Pray to God the Father.
Father, we ask you to bless us today.
We thank you for your many gifts.
You are wonderful.
Help us to understand our relationship with you.

(March 2, 2010 Tue 8:47 AM CST)

I talked to the people at SetFocus yesterday.
They have a wonderful program.
I'm sure I would learn a lot.
It just costs way too much ($19K).

"The consummation of all is close at hand.
Therefore do not be perturbed;
remain calm so that you will be able to pray.
Above all, let your love for one another be constant,
for love covers a multitude of sins."
1 Peter 4:7-8

Keep calm.
The Lord is in control.
Be constant in your faith.
Pray daily.
Make it a priority.

(March 1, 2010 Mon 8:25 AM CST)

The person from SetFocus is going to call this morning.
If there is no job, then it is very misleading.

"For this reason, I remind you
to stir into flame the gift of God
bestowed when my hands were laid on you.
The Spirit God has given us is no cowardly spirit,
but rather one that makes us strong, loving and wise."
2 Timothy 1:6-7

God has blessed you.
You have been given many talents.
The Holy Spirit will inspire you.
Don't be shy.
Be strong in the Lord.

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