September 26, 1996: Talked To Janet

Yesterday, I turned in version 4 of the text for "Friday, December 31, 1999" , to Janet Rogge (402) 444-1433 and the Omaha World-Herald. She is very nice to work with. She will have it set up and mail me a proof copy. This will be in the Entertainment Magazine on Sunday, October 6th. I also turned in the "2 for 1" coupon, so we get a FREE ad for October 13th. This will be a reprint of "To Be A Success In 1996" . That needs to be changed a little bit, so I have to go over it again and check it out. The two ads will point to each other. This will help people to see them.

Yesterday I also talked to Grant Gabrielson the general manager of U S WEST Telechoice here in Omaha. This is a fiberoptic cable system in west Omaha. At last report they have over 13,000 customers. They also provide cable modems for computers that are 100 to 200 times faster than a 28,800 modem. Currently they have about 30 subscribers to this. I asked him about an article in the World-Herald in early September. In July when there was a lot of changes going on to the cable system two channels got flipped. The Iowa PBS channel showing "Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood" flipped to the movie "Leaving Las Vegas". (This movie contains many sexual scenes.) This upset Kim Anderson and she complained about it. Grant and I talked about this and I told him that if I was in his place I would have to quit my job. He did not see it that way. He does not believe in censorship and government involvement in this. I see his point, but still one day he will have to answer to God for his actions. Did he take a stand for what is right or not? He says that some of the programming on his cable system does conflict with his values, but he can't censor it. I will pray for Grant that he will do what God wants him to do in this situation. I told him that I might have to quit U S WEST myself and sell all my stock. Why do I want to invest in and work for a company that is in conflict with my values?! Well I will think about that. I thought that U S WEST was into DIVERSITY! I am confused. (They will probably fire me for saying this.) So last night I cancelled my subscription to U S WEST Telechoice. I was paying them almost $80 per month for the TV and the cable modem, but it is not worth it. I just have a plain old TV now and a 28,800 modem connection to Novia . I'm using Novia right now to type this and not having any problems. The loading of pictures is significantly slower, but for $15 per month vs. $50 per month I can be patient and wait a few extra seconds.

Bottom line is that me and U S WEST agree to disagree. I think.

On September 24 Mary Kay Mueller gave a talk at U S WEST downtown. She is great! Check her out.

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