October 2, 1996: It Is History Now

"Friday, December 31, 1999" is now history! That is it. It goes to press today in the World-Herld building on 14th & Dodge Streets in downtown Omaha. There will be about 300,000 copies printed. I think of newspaper companies as big copier machines with a distribution system added on to it. God bless them for spreading the Good News! I can tell you that the World-Herald and I do NOT agree on all issues (i.e. abortion) and yet God uses them. Amazing, isn't it?

I'm getting excited about it going into the newspaper in just 4 days. I love that feeling. It is cool! God will change many, many lives with just some ink on some paper. Can you appreciate this? This IS amazing!

Pray for all who read that ink on that paper. Thanks! There goes Omaha..... It's one of those ripples being launched again. Stand by for blast off.

This morning at 5:19 AM I'm listening to "Fanfare for the Common Man" by Aaron Copland . What a way to start the day! It is spine tingling! How inspiring!

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