November 9 to 16, 1996

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So many people...
So little time...

(November 16, 1996
6:35 AM CST)

It has been raining all night in Omaha.
Where is the sunshine?

(November 15, 1996
5:52 AM CST)

Good Morning. I hope you have a wonderful day with the Lord in your life today.

All the leaves still have not fallen from the trees in my yard. Last night I raked up a few more thousand and put them by the curb to be taken away today.

It is winter weather today with the cold and freezing rain. Check the weather in Omaha . Current temperature is 37 degrees at the airport.

(November 14, 1996
6:06 AM CST)

Yesterday I was watching the demolition of the Bell Federal Credit Union at 18 and Douglas Streets. That building is built solid! They were having a tough time knocking it down. You too should be solidly founded on the rock (Jesus). Amen?! You should be able to easily withstand everything that the evil one can throw at you. No problem. Call on the name of the Lord for help.

The Christmas lights are already up at the Witherspoon Mansion at about 100 and Pacific Streets. I saw them last night when I was driving home. The Westroads Mall is already decorated too for Christmas.

We had freezing rain yesterday here in Omaha. It made for some slippery walking and driving. Life is a challenge. Wintertime reminds us of the results of sin in our lives. Sin puts us in darkness. We need the light of God to come and save us. Ask the Lord for forgiveness today. Just look at all those dead flowers in the gardens. You need to come back to life.

Remember that one rose in the Boys Town rose garden that day (11-3-1996) a few weeks ago? I checked on it November 10.
It is gone...

(November 13, 1996
5:47 AM CST)

I'm working on the article "God Is Calling You" . It is now on version 3. If you have feedback, send it my way. Thanks.

The "E" drive on my home PC is missing today. This is a 1 Meg hard drive. Now where did it go? Pray that I figure this out. Every day is a challenge. Isn't it? Last night I was trying to get this scanner working and I probably did something to one of the cards plugged in the machine. I did something.

(Update at 8:37 AM)
False alarm. The "E" hard drive is still there.

You might want to check out MSN and load FutureSplash. It is neat.

(November 12, 1996
5:24 AM CST)

You are one day closer to eternity today.
Are you heading toward heaven or not?

The Lord Jesus bless you this day my friend!
Jesus is awesome.
How I wish that everyone knew Jesus.
He is your best friend.
He is the best friend that you will ever have in this life!
Jesus says, "I am your faithful friend."

Last night I attended a Bible Study at St. Leo's Church. I was trying to explain what it means to "have confidence in the Lord". I trust in the Lord completely. Jesus will provide for all my needs. I have no need to ever fear. "All things work together to the good for those who believe." He has gone to prepare a place for each of us. He knows our every thought. He knows what we are going to say before the words are spoken by our lips. We trust completely in him to protect us. He sends his angels to watch over us and protect us from all harm. He will not let anything happen to us that we cannot handle. We can lose our jobs, but the Lord is with us! Yes, people close to us do die, but the Lord is there to comfort us. We are not alone. Trust in the Lord. He is our only hope. "Fear not!" "Dismiss all anxiety from your minds." "Perfect love casts out all fear." We are his children. We have inherited unbelievable riches in the Kingdom of God. Our treasures are not of this world.

What can I say? Jesus is all you need. Give your heart to Jesus.

(November 11, 1996
5:25 AM CST)

Good Morning!
Welcome to another exciting day!
Happy Veteran's Day to you.

I hope and pray that there are 'Signs of Life' in your life. Is God alive in your life? If you believe in Jesus, there should be signs. You should be a patient and loving person in this life. You should be a peacemaker. You should be helping the forgotten in this world in some way. Help those who cannot pay you anything back!
Would you reach out and think about others today? Thanks.

I wrote a little PERL program the other day. It does not do much. It is called .

(November 10, 1996
6:27 PM CST)

Today it was an overcast sky and it was below freezing. We had snow flurries from time to time.

I had dinner with my family at the Mall of the Bluffs in Council Bluffs, Iowa. This is across the river from Omaha, Nebraska.

(November 9, 1996
6:31 PM CST)

I just talked to someone on the phone for about 70 minutes and they need prayers. Would you pray for them? Thanks. They need a miracle. I'm trying to be a friend to them and help them. I'm not sure what to say or do.

(November 9, 1996
11:04 AM CST)

It's overcast here in Omaha and I just told Jeannette at Cub Foods that I wanted a sunshine day. She said yesterday had sunshine. I guess I'm asking too much.

We did not have our Bible Study yesterday.

This morning I did get to pray with 8 friends at Boys Town Dowd Chapel. I told them about reading Philippians Chapter 3 Verse 14 . "I press on toward the goal of life on high in Christ Jesus."

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