October, 2005

The Lord will save you
God is love

Trust in the Lord

You are precious in his sight

Sing a new song

All you need is Jesus

(October 28, 2005 Fri 6:26 AM CDT)

Yesterday I had lunch with Mr. Jones.
He is a good friend from many years ago.

Melissa sent me another proof and
the right border of the advertisement looks much better.

I think I will make 3 cakes today.
There are a number of birthdays in my family
in this time period.
I will have to walk/bike to the grocery store
and get the cake mixes, frosting and eggs.
Today is a NCD (No Car Day).

Today is the day to buy the stock at the end of the day
that I told you about on October 5th.
Will it go up October 31st for 8 of 10 times this year?
It might and it might not.
I just put in the transaction for me and printed it.

I received a book in the mail yesterday.
The title is "The Sword in the Tree."
It is a kid's book.
I should be able to read it very quickly.

I was trying to read the newspaper last night
and I kept falling asleep.
I should not have stayed up late to watch that movie.
I guess I have been pushing too hard the last few weeks.
The advertisement on Sunday will be the last for this series.
We had advertisements 3 weeks in a row.

"Some people brought Jesus a deaf man
who had a speech impediment and
begged him to lay his hand on him.
Jesus took him off by himself
away from the crowd.
He put his fingers into the man's ears and,
spitting, touched his tongue;
then he looked up to heaven and emitted a groan.
He said to him,
'Ephphatha!' (that is, 'Be opened!')
At once the man's ears were opened;
he was freed from the impediment,
and began to speak plainly."
Mark 7:32-35

Sometimes I ask people questions
and I don't even listen to the answer.
Not too smart!
I have to catch myself.
We need our ears opened.
We need to be still and listen to the Lord
and listen to others.
We have much to learn.
We need to speak plainly to Jesus.
Tell him our daily issues.
Walk with him.
Take your time.
Listen to his answers.

(October 27, 2005 Thu 6:05 AM CDT)

Yesterday in the mail I got a used DVD from amazon.com.
It is the movie Always from 1989.
You can't rent it, since it is so old.
I wrote about it back on September 8th.
I did not hear the word for coincidence
I was looking for said by Holly Hunter.
I must have missed it.
My favorite scene is Dorinda/Holly "cooking" dinner.
She buys all the food at a restaurant and
then makes it look like she prepared it.
Very funny!

Yes, I have pictures of yesterday.
Picture 1 is the new building at Siena/Francis House
dedicated October 3rd.
They serve dinner here every evening.
Picture 2 is the new TV delivered yesterday from
Nebraska Furniture Mart.
It looks so small in the large room.
The cable needs to be hooked up to it.


Melissa sent me a proof yesterday of
"Now is the Time."
It went to my cell phone and
I tried to forward it to the fax machine.
There were no typos, but the right edge needed to be adjusted,
so it was all lined up evenly.
It is 3 by 3.5 columns (10.5 column inches).
The contract with the OWH
is fulfilled (if that is the word for it).

I stopped into church at lunchtime yesterday.
They were reading this Bible verse
as I came in the door late.

"Then Jesus went through the towns and villages,
teaching as he made his way to Jerusalem.
Someone asked him,
'Lord, are only a few people going to be saved?'
He said to them,
'Make every effort to enter through the narrow door,
because many, I tell you,
will try to enter and will not be able to.
Once the owner of the house gets up and closes the door,
you will stand outside knocking and pleading,
'Sir, open the door for us.'
But he will answer,
'I don't know you or where you come from.'"

Luke 13:22-25

It sounds harsh.
It sounds unfair.
The door will be closed one day.
The window of opportunity will end.
now is the time to come to the Lord.
You may not see tomorrow.

(October 26, 2005 Wed 6:15 AM CDT)

(Update at 8:04 AM:
On the way into work I was listening to 88.1 FM here in Omaha
and they played that song is mentioned a few days ago...
"O Praise Him" by David Crowder.
It just about blew me away.
I'm just used to hearing it at TC and not in my car.
A very interesting experience...

Here is a picture from about 7:20 AM yesterday
of the driveway at the Performing Arts Center.
It has landing lights for airplanes... ha ha...

The word today from Tim at the Siena/Francis House
is that the TV will be delivered this afternoon.
I will have to stop there after work and check it out.
I get the remote control first.
Last night at SFH I was the squash man.
As we (Harold, Kathy/Cathy, others) served dinner
my job was to put two pieces of bread and
a slice of cooked squash on the trays.
I tasted the squash after we got done serving.
It was "bad."
(Kathy/Cathy tells me that the word "bad"
means "good" to kids today.)
It's kind of like a baked potato.

On page D-1 of the October 25 OWH
you can read the story titled
"2 area firms wrap up deal for Wal-Mart."
Yep... my new friend Matt WNLN (with no last name) got blessed!

The Lord's messenger from heaven called to Abraham:
"I will bless you abundantly and
make your descendants as countless as the stars of the sky
and the sands of the seashore;
your descendants shall take possession of the gates
of their enemies;
and in your descendants all the nations of the earth
shall find blessing --- all this because you obeyed my command."
Genesis 22:17-18

You will get blessed.
You will take possession.
Do what the Lord asks of you.
He asks for your will.
He asks for your heart.
Will you obey him?
You have a free will.
You can do things your own way,
but it does not lead on a path to heaven.
Obey the Lord.
Find the road to happiness.
It is that simple.
Why make your life so complicated?

(October 25, 2005 Tue 6:09 AM CDT)

Here is a picture from Sunday at Boys Town.
I parked my car to the left and
walked this path across the soccer fields to Dowd Chapel.

This next picture I took just a few minutes ago
in the hallway outside the computer room.
I set up markers around the CD player on the floor,
so I don't run into the player with my bare feet.
It is playing the Bach organ music I mentioned yesterday.

And I reviewed the videotapes of Channel 3 and 7 last night.
I was on Channel 3 (of course) News.
It was just for a few seconds
while I was holding the paper for Pastor Les.
See picture 6 from October 23rd below.
My... lots of neat things happened on October 23rd!
The newspaper for October 24 page 3B had a picture
of James Lathan Jr. and Associate Pastor Tom.
One thing I don't understand is why the picture
is not in color.
Sometimes the newspaper prints pictures in color and
sometimes not.
I will have to ask Melissa today.
I did talk to Melissa yesterday at the OWH.
I asked her about the Sunday circulation of the newspaper.
She said it is 240,000.
My... that is a big number.
I sent her an email yesterday of the next advertisement
"Now is the Time."
It will be in the newspaper Section A on October 30.
I wonder how many people read "The Bridge is Out."
If just 1% read it, that would be 2,400 people.
Some people cut it out and mail it across the USA.

The Stock Market went up 1.68% yesterday for the S&P 500 .
I got blessed!
I tell you God is so good to me... He is!

Would you pray for a family?
The funeral was yesterday.
God be with them and comfort them at this time.
I pray for the peace that only the Lord can give.

(October 24, 2005 Mon 6:09 AM CDT)

I watched the Channel 42 KPTM News on videotape
this morning.
They had a story on the "Home for a Hero" yesterday.
I videotaped Channel 3 KMTV News for 10:00 PM,
but the programs were pushed back and the news
was not until 10:30 PM.
Maybe a football game did that.
So I'm taping Channel 3 and Channel 6 this morning.
Maybe they will have yesterday's news on.

Yesterday I was driving around Council Bluffs with my Mom.
At one stop I told my Mom to look at all the 3's
on my CD player: 3 - 3 - 3:33
She said it ended with 34 and I said it ended with 33.
I tried to convince her I saw the 33 at the end.
She did not believe me.
I have a 6 CD player in my car.
It was playing CD number 3, Track 3 at 3:33
into the song of length 3:48.
The CD is titled "Country 5-14-05"
which are iTunes I have downloaded this year.
You wonder what was the title of the song playing...
"Bless the Broken ROAD" by Rascal Flatts.
It is a country music song that was number 1 for
many weeks earlier this year.
(You call this a "confirmation."
It is a spiritual term.
It is a sign from God.
It is real.
It happened.
My Mom (kind of partly) and I witnessed it.)

On the sports page 5-CF in yesterday's OWH
the Missouri football quarterback Brad Smith said,
"I looked at myself,
and I looked up to God
to help me today."
The picture has him holding the football in his left hand
and pointing to heaven with his right hand index finger.
And he is looking up with his helmet on.
No wonder they beat us on Saturday.
You wonder if Nebraska quarterback Zac Taylor
prays before games.
We need all the help we can get.

What am I listening to this morning?
It's just Bach and the organ music again...
I put a link to some samples of it on Tracks 1 and 2.
Awesome music for a Monday morning.

One thought that I had this morning was that
Spring To Life has one of its board members in heaven.
Pretty cool!
Arlis has been on our board of directors for many years.
I will have to update her address
on the form for the State of Nebraska
next time we have to file our status.

I did personally talk to the pastor at Boys Town Dowd chapel
yesterday after 8:00 AM Mass
and told him to put his sermons on the Internet.
He seemed open to the idea.

Jesus said,
"Just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert
so must the Son of Man be lifted up.
that all who believe
may have eternal life in him."
John 3:14-15

Jesus was lifted up on the cross.
He put out his arms for you and me.
He suffered a horrible death.
He was sinless, but took all our sins on him.
He was innocent.
He died for us,
so that we can have eternal life.
Thank you, Jesus.
Thank you for what you have done for all of us.
Thank you very much.

(October 23, 2005 Sun 6:26 AM CDT)

(Update at 8:07 PM:

Here are some pictures of this morning and this afternoon.
Picture 1 is inside Trinity Church at the 9:30 AM service.
They project the words to the songs on the left and right
walls at the front of the church.
They are singing as you can see...
"O Praise Him" by David Crowder.
Picture 2 is Shawn WNLN leading the music.
Picture 3 is where I parked my car at Bakers
at 156th and West Dodge Road and
walked across the street to get to TC.
Pictures 4 to 12 are at the 3:00 PM ground breaking
for "Home For A Hero" at 15105 Gilder Ave in Omaha.
It was cold and windy.
It was being filmed for a commercial.
Picture 5 has Pastor Les talking to the crowd.
Picture 6 Pastor Les needed someone to hold the papers
he was reading in the wind, so I went up and helped him out
for a few minutes.
I have never talked to him in person.
I have written him a Thank You note... that is all.
Picture 7 is James Lathan Jr. in the wheelchair.
Picture 8 is the organizers of the project.
Picture 9 is right before the ground breaking.
The second person from the left is James' Dad.
Picture 10 is moments after the balloons were set free.
The balloons had a message on them:
"Sergeant James Lanthan Jr., a helicopter mechanic,
was serving out country in Iraq when he was struck
by a piece of shrapnel during a missile attack.
He is now paralyzed from the neck down."
Picture 11 is 3 pictures merged together
from across the street from James' house.
Picture 12 is 3 pictures merged together
of James' yard.
Information on this project is at the
TC web site .

1) 2) 3) 4)
5) 6) 7) 8)
9) 10)


It is on page 11-A again in the newspaper this morning.
Well, that makes it easy.
Pray for everyone here in the Omaha/CB area
that reads "The Bridge is Out."
My reaction to seeing it in print was...
it is huge.
It is hard to miss it, if you are reading
the newspaper today.
I was telling people in the Bible Study
the other night that as I reread TBIO
I hit sentences that are truth.
The Holy Spirit says to me it is the truth.
These are eternal truths.
The words impress me.
It takes a lot to impress me.
That is how I know the words are not mine.
They are from God to the lost people of Omaha/CB.
Pray for everyone that reads these words today.

Yesterday, I walked to the bank and the WestROADs Mall.
The bank had the Nebraska football game on a big TV.
I watched the touchdown to make the score 17 to 24.
We were behind by a touchdown.
When I was at JCP I bought two pairs of jeans.
The guy there said the score was 24 to 24.
The newspaper this morning says we got beat bad.
I bought a pair each of Levis and Lee jeans the same size.
At the Qwest kiosk I got a headset
for my Sanyo 8100 cell phone.
Eric told me I get another one free.
Oh yeah?
I'll take it and give it to someone else.

Jesus said,
"Enter through the narrow gate.
The gate that leads to damnation is wide,
the road is clear, and many choose to travel it.
But how narrow is the gate that leads to life,
how rough the road,
and how few there are who find it."
Matthew 7:13-14

Jesus said it.
It is the truth.
Be one of the few that find the rough road to life.
The Holy Spirit will guide you to the truth.

(October 22, 2005 Sat 8:13 AM CDT)

Would you believe I was running the vacuum cleaner
and sweeping the floors this morning around 7 AM?
Hey... the house looks much better!
I don't know what the neighbors thought.

If you check the package I mailed a few days ago,
it has arrived in POTTSTOWN, PA.
It cost an extra 45 cents to track it,
but it is worth it.
You know it got there.
You have the confirmation.
What is 45 cents in 2005?
I spent about $30 for gas in the car yesterday.
It was $2.13 per gallon at Sam's Club in CB.
I watched CNN Headline News this morning.
They had a story about people
saving thousands of dollars by riding their bikes to work.
I put a link to it above.
It is in the news.
The government is going to spend $4.5B to promote
commuting with bicycles education and infrastructure in cities.
Please, give us bike trails so we can
go to work and back in Omaha/CB.

Yesterday I played golf again at Tara Hills in Papillion .
(I was confused.
I thought it was in La Vista.)
My nephew and I played for FREE.
Can't beat that price!
We were blessed with free coupons from people
that never used them over the golfing season.
I wrote my nephew a Thank You letter a few minutes ago.
That was very nice of him to go through the effort
to get us a free round of golf.
On October 13th it cost me $20 to play.
Guess what?
I took my camera along.
I know you are really surprised.
Here let me put some pictures out there for you to see.
Picture 1 is the fancy marker for hole number 3.
Is it made out of granite?
I think I had a score of 5 on that hole.
I did not get one par all day.
I failed.
I needed teamwork like last week.
Picture 2 is a panorama that just did not merge correctly,
so I won't show it to you.
The early pictures are with cloud cover and
then the sun came out and warmed things up
as the day went on.
I started the day with coat and gloves.
Picture 3 is hole number 5.
Pictures 4 and 5 are a neighborhood Halloween display.
I don't live anywhere near there,
so I probably never will see it lit up at night.
Picture 6 is a pumpkin tree.
Picture 7 is my nephew's golf ball
in an impossible shot situation.
I told him I just had to take a picture of it.
Picture 8 is the word "Tara" spelled out...
very surreal effect...
Picture 9 is some people teeing off hole 12.
Picture 10 is hole 12 again from the tee box.
The wind was very calm.
Picture 11 is hole 12 looking back at the tee box
from the other side of the lake.
Pictures 12 and 13 are of the house of someone
(Lindsay/Lindsey with no last name) that my nephew knows.

1) 3)
4) 5) 6)
7) 8)
12) 13)

On one hole (maybe hole 16) 96th street is to your left
as you hit your ball.
My ball was bouncing up and down 96th street and
3 different cars hit it.
It did not break anyone's windows or headlights.
I went and retrieved the ball and kept playing with it.
It is all scuffed up.

The rebates for the Best Buy hard drives arrived yesterday
at my house and my Mom's house.
I told Mom to cash it.
Let me see how long that took...
I mailed it on September 17th... about 5 weeks...
We are still waiting for the $30 rebate checks
from Western Digital.
I will have to walk to the bank to cash mine today.

Yesterday my nephew and I read over the proof copy
of the advertisement for "The Bridge is Out."
Both of us did not see any typos.
I called Melissa (WNLN) at the OWH and
told her that it looked good.
It's a print!
I look at the OWH as a big printing press
to make copies for me.
Some of the copies go all over the world.
I got a letter once from the Philippines.
It is still in my basement somewhere.
I save everything.
Here let me find it.
I was wrong it was in the computer room on the bookshelf.
It is from an "associate pastor" of a church in
Quezon City Philippines .
The letter was written on August 13, 1986...
ancient history...
I wonder if I ever wrote back... I don't remember...
I wonder if the person is still alive... probably...
I wonder if I could find them in cyberspace.
I should at least write to them (snail mail) and
see if they are still there.

At the grocery store last night
I think I blew Megan's mind at "07:00 pm."
I brought in my own grocery sacks.
I recycled about 10 plastic bags.
I have about 100 plastic bags sitting around the house.
Why not use them again?
Poor Megan encountered Daniel on a Friday evening
near the end of a very long day.

Would you believe I have gained another 5 pounds?
We had brownies every day this week at work
from the leftovers of the funeral luncheon.
I think I had way too much sugar for one week.

This is from the "In Loving Memory" handout
at the funeral on Monday.

"No eye has seen,
Nor ear heard,
Nor the heart of man conceived,
what God has prepared
for those
who love Him."
1 Corinthians 2:9

What is it?
Is it far away?
If you reach out your right arm and wave it around,
is it right there?
...you just can't feel it.
(My right arm hurts from the golfing yesterday.)
We know it is different.
We know it is a wonderful place.
There is much joy there.
I believe my Dad, sister and other relatives are there.
Yep, I do.
It does exist.
It is real.
My goal is to get to Heaven and
bring a few friends with me.
Will you be my friend?
Will you come along?
The Lord gives you free coupons.
Will you use them?
Heaven is free.
No cost.

Time to rake the leaves... bye...

(October 21, 2005 Fri 6:15 AM CDT)

I just (7:26 AM) wrote at letter to the pastor
at Boys Town Dowd Chapel.
I told him that his sermons need to be available on the Internet.
I wonder if he will put them out there.
There are over 500 kids there on the campus that
know all about how the Internet works.
It will be fun for them to do it.

This morning I'm watching a package go across the USA.
You can go to www.usps.com
and the tracking number is 03040370000065022688.
It is the things that I sold on ebay.com to
someone named Michael (of course) in PA.
I sold the 5 tablecloths for a dollar and
asked for $3.00 for shipping.
I spent $1.38 for the envelope at Kinko's.
I spent $5.50 to ship it Priority Mail Service.
I lost money!
Not too smart.
I will have to check out how much shipping
costs in the future and not just guess at it.

Yesterday Melissa (with no last name) of the Omaha World-Herald
sent me a proof copy of the advertisement for October 23
of "The Bridge is Out."
It is 26 column inches long.
It is paid for.
My contract obligation for the year has been met.
It will be in Section A again if there is room
or Section B.

One thing that came from the wake/visitation on Sunday evening
was the concept of praying with your spouse.
Don't wait for cancer or some serious illness
to start praying with each other.
Start today.
You need each other.
You need prayer.
I've written before about the idea of two people
agreeing in prayer for something.
Pray for your children.
Pray for God to bless your family.

I was telling people in the Bible Study last night
about something that happened to me at 6:08 PM last night.
I was walking at the Westroad Mall.
I felt "something" and the words came to me
"The power of God."
Something happened in the spiritual world.
Some important event took place.
Maybe someone I know gave their heart to Jesus
right at that moment.
That does not happen to me often.
I know something happened,
but only later will I find out what it was.
I might not find out until I get to heaven and
God explains to me...
"Oh... yeah... I remember it well...
October 20, 2005 at 6:08 PM...
that was when such and such happened...
let me show you..."
And God would take me back
to that moment in time and show me the event.

Jesus said,
"I tell you,
there will likewise be more joy in heaven
over one repentant sinner
than over 99 righteous people
who have no need to repent."
Luke 15:7

What can I say?
Give your heart to Jesus.
Feel the power of God.
It is real.
It happens.
Just pray a simple prayer.
Talk to Jesus like you talk to anyone.
Jesus, I need you.
Come into my life.
I am down.
I need help.
I am not happy.
I need something.
Daniel says that I need you.
I'm willing to give it a try.
Come and change me.
Forgive my sins.
I want to do better.
I want to be what you want me to be.
Help me, please.
I ask this sincerely.
Come and be my best friend.
I need you.

(October 20, 2005 Thu 6:35 AM CDT)

Sorry... I have no time to tell you about
Becky and Trina at JCP last night and
buying "The Best" cookie at the cookie shop and
the birthday party on 19th Street and
the WILD #2 bus driver on the way to work and
reading my book for the Bible Study and
someone who recently started to go to church and
the woman (Linda?, floor 10) and guy (floor 13) on the elevator
saying something about he is always on the cell phone and
finding a piece of paper with 3 gold Hallmark crowns and
the "concert hall" at the Westroads Mall and
sorry... I have to go to work... bye

(October 19, 2005 Wed 4:34 AM CDT)

Here are some pictures from yesterday at lunchtime.
This is the lobby of the new Performing Arts Center
in downtown Omaha at 13th and Douglas.
It opens Friday.
1) 2)
I did not realize until yesterday morning
when I saw them putting down sod that this area was outdoors.
I just thought it was an open area indoors
without the floor finished.
I like the words on the wall.
I don't like the wall itself.
I would have picked some different material for the wall.
I will have to take my Mom to a performance here
and check it out.
One of the events on the calendar says:
"Omaha Area Youth Orchestra
Sunday, October 30, 2005 at 7pm"
I think one of the people I work with has
a child performing in that.
It costs $12.
I will see what Mom says.

If you were in my house and went to the south bedroom
and looked on the calendar you would see "Jean #68"
in the entry for October 19th.
Happy Birthday, Jean!
I will take in some birthday cake to work today.
I just had some lemom/lemom cake for breakfast.
I don't think that was a good idea!
I will have to call in sick... ha ha...
(The spellchecker does not like how I spelled lemon.
It is said with a French accent...
lee-mon... with the accent on the second syllable...)

Last night at SFH (Siena/Francis House)
I kept telling Chad that he was the best announcer
we have ever had at SFH.
Before dinner they have announcements of what's for dinner
and who is serving it and who prepared it and
they always say the words:
"Gentlemen remove your hats for a prayer...
can I have a volunteer..."
Chad did great!
I walked clear across the "whole" building to track him down
and tell him that he is the best announcer.
I learned that from Joel Osteen .
Did you see his program on Sunday?
I videotaped it.
It is program number... here let me play the tape...
hold on...
"Bring Out The Best In People #282."
Can you tell I like Joel?
On his web site I see that program #281 is there now,
so program #282 should be available very soon.

This is one of the Bible verses from that program
that I wrote on a 4 by 6 index card...

"Love builds up and
encourages one to grow
to her/his full stature."
1 Corinthians 8:1

Lord tells you to build up... not tear down...
Let us build others up.
Let us encourage them to their full potential.
They need you.
You have the gift of faith.
You can be a blessing in their lives.
Reach out to someone today.
Let us all grow closer to what the Lord wants us to be.

(October 18, 2005 Tue 5:58 AM CDT)

Spring To Life today will observe
a day of silence in honor of...

Arlis Ann Lee
Born- July 6, 1945
Died- October 12, 2005

(October 17, 2005 Mon 3:42 AM CDT)

Kind of crazy to get up at 3:33 AM,
but I have a lot of things to do today.
Then I think that it is 2:33 AM in Denver, Colorado.
I am in trouble.
And here I tell other people to get their sleep
and then I don't do it.
I took 62 pictures yesterday.
Here are a few of them.
Pictures 1 to 6 are all at Boys Town.
Picture 1 is right outside the Dowd Chapel after 8:00 AM Mass.
The harvest of gourds is in.
Picture 2 is the pulpit inside the chapel.
The pastor gave a sermon on the harvest of corn.
He showed us the different ears of corn
growing side by side and yet some looked great
and some it not.
They all received the same sunshine, rain, etc.
and what are the fruits of our lives?
I thought it was an excellent sermon.
I asked the pastor what he thought of what I had
in the newspaper and he liked it.
I told him that he should also make a TV commercial
with the other two churches west of him.
Picture 3 is the chapel.
I talked to the head guy of Boys Town just minutes before this.
I told him that he looks so young.
He is running the place now.
The torch is being passed.
I asked him about what the pastor said about the book
on the Purpose Driven Life the other day.
Yes, the book does not mention sin.
That was his point.
You only present to people the nice stuff.
I have not read the whole book, so I don't know what to say.
What I did read I thought was very good.
Picture 4 is a street on the Boys Town campus.
The trees are very beautiful this time of year in Omaha.
See... I don't have to go see the aspens in Colorado...
There are plenty of colors here in Omaha.
Pictures 5 and 6 is the lake at Boys Town.
The Canada geese were making lots of noise.
Picture 7 is TC (Trinity Church) at about 9:10 AM.
I did not see Matt and Cheryl there.
There are a lot of people (3,000) that attend that church.
It is overwhelming.
It did buy them some rolls and donuts for the new visitors
at the Bakers grocery store across the street.
I did talk to the person in my Bible Study and her husband
after the service.
I showed them this poster on the wall in the hallway
of this person born on September 16th.
I met Dave again and his daughter Rachel.
We were in row 6.
His wife Yvonne was singing in the choir in picture 8.
I told Dave about the advertisement on page 11A.
He said he would read it when he got home.
Pastor Dave (different Dave) plays the guitar
and leads the worship.
Dave says that Dave is from England.
He does have a noticeable accent.
Picture 9 is a response to prayer.
God is changing people's hearts here in Omaha.
People wrote on a piece of paper
what they were giving to the Lord.
They gave up their sins.
They asked the Lord for forgiveness.
They prayed for healing.
I wrote something on a piece of paper and
put it in the right pile.
We all have struggles with holiness.
None of us is perfect.
We need the healing touch of Jesus' love.
Picture 10 is a tree along 114th Street south of Pacific.
Just beautiful... sitting in someone's front yard...
The sermon at TC 9:30 AM is on their web site.
You can hear the exact same words that I heard.
"I'm so glad you're here and did you know that
it is never too late for a fresh start."
I said these words to Melissa (there with Brad), Scott,
and someone else behind me...
The sermon at BT won't be on their web site.
I wonder why not.
I will have to talk to the pastor there and ask why not.
They both have web sites.
1) 2) 3) 4)
7) 8) 9) 10)

Yes, listen to that sermon above.
It made an impact on my life.
It can change your life too.
So far I received one email response to the advertisement.
It is surprising that very few write to S2L.
I guess everyone is too busy.
The important thing is for people to pray for Omaha/CB.
Ask God to bless us.
He is already changing people's lives.
He is...
I am excited.
Please, pray that I don't fall asleep at work this afternoon.

(October 16, 2005 Sun 6:15 AM CDT)

You talk about an answer to prayers!
It is on Page 11A in the upper right corner
of the newspaper this morning.
Pages 10A and 11A are side by side left to right.
This is one of the most visible
parts of a two page layout in the newspaper as
people scan stories to read.
Thank the Lord!
When I read "The Bridge is Out"
I usually say "the bridge is STILL out!"
I told this to the pastor at Boys Town Dowd Chapel
on Thursday morning.
My friend Daniel was there too that morning.
He asked me how long Spring To Life has been around.
I said 1982.
He said that he came to know the Lord in 1981.
Now I just have to pray.
And you have to pray.
Someone I work with on Friday said
that he needed to get his family back
to going to church.
His kid asked him what the T's were
at the tops of some buildings.
God is moving in Omaha.
He is changing people's lives... he is...
And we should expect that.
God hears our prayers and responds.
I believe that Omaha/CB is the heart of the USA.
So goes Omaha/CB so goes the USA.
God is at work here in our community.
We have such wonderful awesome people in our towns.
Yes, there is evil also.
I read about the shootings and drugs.
This does not have to be.
God is alive.
Yesterday at 1:46 PM I got a call from Jason.
He said my cable modem was working again.
It was restored.
I went out and tested it by listening to
the talk given by Russell Sage at 11:30 AM at
Trinity Church last Sunday.
I put a link to it above.
I attended the 9:30 AM service,
but the message is the same.
The talk begins with the pastor there at TC.
I will be there again today at 9:30 AM.
I will be at Dowd Chapel at 8:00 AM.
Prayer... pray... do it...
Omaha/CB will never be the same after today!
I am serious.
We turn a page and a new chapter begins for our community.

Here is a prayer to say for today
from my heart to your heart to God's heart...

Father in heaven.
We call on you this day October 16th, 2005.
Come to Omaha and Council Bluffs and the towns near us.
Come and change us.
We need you, Lord.
We need your power.
Visit us, Lord.
We need a visitation.
We need your love.
We need your hope.
Come, Lord Jesus.
Thank you for hearing our prayers for our community.
We fully expect that great good will fall upon us.

Jesus said,
"Again I tell you,
if two of you join your voices on earth
to pray for anything whatever,
it shall be granted you by my Father in heaven.
Where two or three are gathered in my name,
there am I in their midst."
Matthew 18:19-20

Pray today.
Matt (at TC) and I are praying today.
Join us.
We fully expect things to happen.
It is called expectant faith.
We expect wonderful amazing things to happen in our community.
We ask all this in the name of Jesus.
I believe with all my heart it will happen.
Get your Bible out and find the Gospel of Matthew.
Find chapter 18.
Read those words of life.
They will change you.
They will change our world.

(October 15, 2005 Sat 6:56 AM CDT)

In today's newspaper on page 4B you can see a picture
of my friend Arlis.
It says that she died on October 12.
I thought she died on October 11.
It has her whole life story there for you to read.
In case you are outside of the Omaha area it says...
"Arlis was a sincere, generous and caring person with a great sense of humor. Her genuineness endeared her to all those who got to know her. People were drawn to her because she always gave much more than she took. She was a ray of sunshine. She will be deeply missed."
Well, you can view it online at this link
for the OWH obituaries and search for "Arlis".
It even has a color picture of Arlis taken by Mike
on July 2, 2005 at a birthday party for Arlis.
Jim called again last night.
He said to be at the church at 10:30 AM on Monday.
I will be there.
It will be tough, but I will do it for my friend.

The thing that I wrote for the Public Pulse was
in the newspaper yesterday on Page 6B.
I just had to laugh.
They change your words around and
still leave your name at the bottom of it.
That is online also... let me find it...
I can't get in.
I registered, but it takes time to get set up.
Here I will just manually type in what they
said that I said...

New travel modes

For the last 5 weeks, I have declared one day each week a "no-car day." This forces me to explore transportation alternatives. Each week I learn new things. I've learned that I can walk one or two miles with minimal effort. I've learned that I can ride my bike up to 8 miles on Omaha bike trails. The problem is that they don't go where I want to go. They are great for exercise, but are not useful for everyday trips around town. I've learned to utilize city buses. During the week, I drive to the Crossroads Mall and take the bus downtown to work. This cuts my commute in half. It saves wear and tear on my car. I catch up on my reading on the bus. It is like having a chauffeur. It is humbling to ride with my fellow citizens instead of alone in my nice car. But I save money. I was paying $55 a month to park in a downtown parking garage. That equates to 44 bus rides at $1.25 each. The neatest thing is the day after a "no-car day." You get this feeling that the car is the greatest invention in the world as you fly around town.

Dan Boeckman, Omaha

I did misspell chauffeur... sorry about that...
I did not say "But I save money."
It does not have to do with saving money.
It might even cost me more... I don't know...
That was not my point.
I wanted to show people there are alternatives
to get around this town.
Maybe I should carpool with my neighbor
to go to the grocery store.
Or carpool to go to church.
I am upset they deleted the line about me walking to church.

I'm trying to sell 5 vinyl tablecloths on ebay.com.
This is the first thing I have ever tried to sell on ebay.com.
I have one bid so far for $1.00 which is what I am asking
plus shipping costs.
The bidding closes today in "13h 49m" (13 hours, 49 minutes).
The bidding was open for a whole week
and I only received on bid.
I must not know what I am doing.

I was on bus number 2 at 12:29 PM yesterday at
30th and Dodge Streets.
The bus was stopped.
We were going nowhere fast.
We were waiting for "The Reverend" announced the bus driver.
He was carrying his brooms and walking very slowly
from one bus to our bus.
People in Omaha know this person from over the years.
A guy got off the bus and helped him.
This guy looked like a beatnik
with the hat and dark glasses and beard.
I gave the guy a thumbs up when
he sat down across the aisle from me.
I told him, "You did great, man."
He replied that he wished someone would do the same for him
(if he needed help).
It was touching.
I witnessed the scene.
God was trying to teach me something on my lunch hour.
Sermons on bus number 2 in the middle of the day...

After work I took some pictures of these trees
which I saw on my lunchtime bus rides.
Picture 1 is at 42nd and Davenport Streets.
Is that red enough for you?
Notice the little pumpkins in the bushes.
Pictures 2 and 3 are of the tree at the bus stop
at 43rd and Douglas Streets.
This tree was just awesome in person.
I got to study it for at least 15 minutes
waiting for the bus to come to get back downtown.
Picture 4 is some flowers that I bought last night
at Whole Food Market in Regency.
I saw them and I just had to have them.
I also got some more things to sample
from their $6.99 per pound buffet.
The cashier kept commenting on how pretty
the flowers were that I had picked out.
Next to the flowers is my emergency candle
and a pumpkin like what I put on my Dad's grave
October 2 (Barb's birthday).

1) 2) 3) 4)

Another verse we discussed in the Bible Study was...

"Come, Lord Jesus!"
Revelation 22:20

This is way at the end of the Bible on the last page.
We pray for Jesus to come again.
He will... he will come again...
We don't know the exact day or hour, but he is coming.
It is a promise.
We should be prepared to greet him at all times.
Be ready to meet him.
Yes... Come, Lord Jesus.

(October 14, 2005 Fri 4:45 AM CDT)

Yesterday I went to church at 7 AM at
the Dowd Chapel at Boys Town.
I talked to the pastor there.
I told him about the two advertisements
I am going to have in the newspaper.
I usually have him read over what I put
in the newspaper.
In fact he was there in 1982 when
Spring To Life first got started.
He was pastor of the church
at 10th and Williams in Omaha at that time.
I got to know him there.
Yesterday he mentioned the book
"The Purpose Driven Life" at the end of Mass.
I did not catch what he said.
There are "dead spots" in Dowd Chapel
where it is hard to hear.
He said something about the book and
the topic of sin.
Maybe the book never mentions sin
which makes the book popular.
I forgot to ask him about what he said
about the book.

I need to pay the bill for the OWH today
and check out the proof of the advertisement.

And I have to buy a newspaper this morning
and see if my name is in it.
I told all these people about it.
I hope it is there.
They will think I made it up.

The gang at work wanted to play golf
yesterday so I went to Tara/Terror Hills
to play with them.
This is at 90th and Giles Road in Papillion.
Doug (with no last name) and I were a team.
I had never met Doug before.
We had a score of 81 together.
By myself I do not play that well.
You played the best shot of the two of us.
Sometimes I had the best shot and
sometimes he had the best shot.
It was teamwork!
God was trying to teach me something
even on the golf course.
It was just so beautiful yesterday,
sunny, 70 F degrees, etc.
Doug kept saying that over and over.
It was literally a perfect day to play golf.
There was little wind.
Really... you could not have asked for a nicer day.
Here... I took 28 pictures as we drove around
in the golf cart.
Let me find some nice ones...

Sorry it took so long...

Picture 1 is 6 pictures merged together and
the software didn't quite do it right but you get the idea.
Picture 2 I hit the ball in the water.
It skipped twice and went under.
Picture 3 I actually hit is over the water
by quite a distance.
I surprised myself.
Some of these views you can only see
if you are a golfer.
There is lots of green everywhere.
That is one of the benefits of playing golf
is the environment is calming,
if you don't take the game too seriously.
Picture 4 is I just loved this guy's wall and
fence and pool.
Doug said it probably cost 50 grand.
Picture 5 is just another scenic view
made from 3 merged pictures.
Very nice.
I did hit someone's house with a golf ball
on one hole... sorry about that.
I would never want to live on a golf course.

2) 3) 4)

My kitchen smells like vanilla this morning.
I used my emergency French vanilla candle
for the Bible Study last night.
Here is one of the Bible verses we discussed.
I even highlighted it.

"When you look for me,
you will find me.
Yes, when you seek me with all your heart,
you will find me with you,
says the Lord..."
Jeremiah 29:13-14

If you sincerely search for the Lord,
you will find him.
He is wonderful.
It is his promise to you.
If you start a Bible Study in your house for example,
you will learn a lot.
You will learn more about the heart of God.
He loves you very much!
If you sit down and read a chapter a day
in the New Testament, you will get blessed.
The New Testament starts with the Matthew
and goes to Revelation.
I have done this a number of times over the years.
The words of God will change you.
They are food for your soul.

(October 13, 2005 Thu 4:31 AM CDT)

Here are some pictures from yesterday.
Picture 1 is the Starbucks in downtown Omaha.
It looks "arts-y" (is that a word) to me...
very artistic...
Picture 2 is on 8th floor of the building
where I work.
Apparently there is a grove in the woodwork
and someone started another work of art!
Picture 3 is the sunset at 6:40 PM from
Interstate-680 and West Dodge Road.
I just pulled to the side of the road
and turned on my emergency flashers
and took 10 pictures.
This was the best one.
I like to take pictures of sunsets on important
days in my life.

1) 2) 3)

I found out first thing I got to work yesterday
that my friend had died the day before.
(Update: She died on October 12.)
There were many phone calls and emails to inform me.
Her husband called around 4 PM.
The caller ID had her name on the box.
He asked me to be a pallbearer at the funeral on Monday.
Well, I'm kind of in survival mode now.
I have many things going on and which is probably
a good thing to distract me from losing my friend.
Last night I was telling myself to just pretend
that she moved to another town...
I won't be seeing her anytime soon...

There is now a version 5 of "Pray for Omaha/Council Bluffs."
I had to generalize the names of the churches
and I can't use Matt's last name without some "red tape."
Matt was disappointed.
He thought he was going to be "famous."
I wrote an email back to him and said that
Jesus knows your name and you are "more" than famous.
I also had to change the initials of my friend
on the last line, since she died.
(I definitely don't want to think about that too much.)
I changed the initials to my niece in Lincoln
that has a birthday on the 24th.
I better update the information for version 5...
please stand by...
OK... it is updated...
Yeah... just look at all those B's that I love at the end!
Well... there are a lot of people that I love...

And someone in the office on our floor is having
surgery today... so pray for her...
it is the same hospital...

Julia McCord of the OWH called yesterday.
The thing I wrote for the Public Pulse will be
in the Friday newspaper.
She liked what I had to say.
I told her about not driving my car one day each week.
And they will print that for FREE!
The thing in the Sunday paper will cost about $500,
but it is for a good cause.

Judy (with no last name) says that Trinity Church has
"About 3000 total for all three services.
That doesn't include children."
That is a lot of people that go to church there each week
and they are all praying for this visitation...
That is a lot of prayer power.
No wonder I showed up there last Sunday.
Someone needed to get the word out what was happening there.

(October 12, 2005 Wed 6:27 AM CDT)

It's my Dad's birthday number 84...
wherever he is in the universe...
the soul lives on after death!
life goes on and on and on...

This morning I'm listening to a CD
that came in the mail yesterday.
I think I bought it for 25 cents
on amazon.com plus shipping.
It is Clint Black and Wynonna Judd...
"A Bad Goodbye"
Very sad song... but a beautiful song from 1989...
The first song on the CD is good also.

I also wrote to the Public Pulse (pulse@owh.com)
at the Omaha World-Herald this morning
about not driving my car one day each week for the
last 5 weeks.
Here is the text of what I sent to them...

No Car Days

For the last 5 weeks I have declared one day each week for me a NCD (No Car Day). One day a week I do not drive my car. It just sits there for all 24 hours in my garage. This forces me to explore alternatives to getting around Omaha. I find that I can get to places by walking or riding a bike. Each week I learn new things. With minimal effort I can go 1 or 2 miles. I can easily walk to church on Sunday mornings. With much more effort I can ride my bike up to 8 miles on the bike trails. The problem is that the bike trails in Omaha don't go where I want to go. They are great for exercise, but not useful for everyday trips around town. Riding a bike (or car for that matter) on major Omaha streets is scary. I have not even attempted this. Several people have written about making Omaha a bike friendly town. All these alternatives take time. A bike makes good time on trips fewer than 3 miles. The weather is fine now to do this. I'm not sure what to do when the snow starts to fly. I need to research riding the city buses more. During the week usually I drive to the Crossroads Mall and take the bus to work downtown. This cuts my commute mileage in half or more. It saves on mileage on my car. My car will last longer. I catch up on reading on the bus. It is like having a chauffer/chauffeur. It is humbling to ride with your fellow citizens instead of alone in my nice car. The bus will drop me off near the front door of my office building. In fact it is too close. I find myself getting off the bus early to walk a few blocks to work. I was paying $55 per month parking in the World-Herald garage downtown. That equates to 44 bus rides at $1.25 each. I usually pay for the bus with a dollar bill and a quarter. The neatest thing is the day after NCD. You get this feeling that the car is the greatest invention in the world as you quickly fly around town.

It will be interesting to see how they edit it.
They take your words and change them and
say it came from you.
It is bizarre!

At the post office downtown I got box 261 back again
for the advertisements in the newspaper.
I did not ask for it.
They just gave it back to me.
That is fine.
They gave me two keys that say "USPS Do Not Duplicate"
as if that will stop anyone...

At 3:05 AM this morning I wrote a letter to Pastor Les
at Trinity Church.
This is funny...
I had the piece of Hallmark stationary upside down!
I thanked him for the book, cookies and his sermon
on money (10/1/05) on his web site .
Russell Sage's talk is out there also I see this morning.
Very good!

Russell talked about this verse a lot on Sunday...

"God... calls into being those things
which had not been."
Romans 4:17

God is a creator.
He is newness every day.
He is active and alive.
He is changing the world.
He is changing our lives.
He speaks and things happen.
He calls us to new life.

Bye... time for work... got to run!

(October 11, 2005 Tue 4:48 AM CDT)

(Update at 8:20 PM:

Here is a picture of the First National Bank tower
this morning at 7 AM from 19th and Douglas Streets
in Omaha looking east.
I took this on the way to church... I was late...
I went to church today twice just minutes a part...
once I was early... then I was late...

The answer is "Peach."
That is the fragrance that my friend in the hospital likes
of the 6 fragrances to choose from.
I liked the Cran & Berry.

The people from Trinity Church dropped off 14
chocolate chip cookies tonight at my house
from Eileen's Colossal Cookies.
I was not home... I was at SFH...
Aren't they nice!
I got a free book from them on Sunday and now cookies.
I have to write them a Thank You note!

I passed out socks tonight at SFH to the guests
in the new building.
They had to eat dinner first and then you gave them the socks.
I met Mark when I sat down to eat dinner.
I told him that I would ask you to pray for him.
He is recovering from a drug addiction.
He is 44 years old and wants to get his life straightened out.
I told him to pray for my friend in the hospital with cancer.
He said that he had big medical problems also.
He lost part of his colon due to a drug overdose
a few years ago.
He grew up in Orange County, California by Disneyland.
I told him that I have been there.
Been there... done that...

Yesterday I bought a few things from Kitt at Starbucks
in my neighborhood to take to the hospital.
Kitt said he got a lot of compliments and questions
about the flowers I gave him and Kim that Saturday before last.
The flowers lasted a long time he said.
Kitt wears a yellow wristband from Lance Armstrong.
Lance fought cancer a few years back.

After work yesterday I walked to my Mom's house
and told her that I loved her... I did...
I was on a mission.
I had to tell her.
Then I walked all the way back to 16th and Dodge
and caught the 5:35 PM bus with driver Charles.
I kept my eyes closed most of the time from
16th Street to 72nd Street at the Crossroads Mall.
I was tired.
It is nice to be able to sit back and relax
after a stressful day.
I told Charles God bless you as I left
and tapped his shoulder.

Hey... there will be something in the newspaper on Sunday, October 16th.
It is titled "Pray for Omaha/Council Bluffs."
I talked to Ellen Collins yesterday at the Omaha World-Herald.
(If you need any advertising, call her at 402-422-1000.)
We are up to version 4.
I think that is the last version.
I will turn it in today to Ellen via email.
Then of course she wants some money to pay for it.
On October 23rd I will reprint
The Bridge is Out .
I was telling Matt about this story on Sunday.
It is a great allegory.

I am going to cry...
I don't have time to tell you about all the things
that happened yesterday.
I mean... wonderful, cool things!

Like Kitt at Starbucks and
the bus driver Charles and
holding the hand of my friend at the hospital
and praying with her...
and telling my Mom over and over that I love her...
I am going to cry...

(October 10, 2005 Mon 6:12 AM CDT)

One of the Bible verses that Russell "harped" on a lot was:

"A wholesome tongue is a tree of life:
but perverseness therein is a breach in the spirit."
Proverbs 15:4

People spoke and things happened.
Russell used the example of the blind beggar.
"Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me."
The beggar kept yelling out.
The others told him to be quiet,
but he kept calling out to Jesus.
Then Jesus stopped.
He turned to the beggar.
The others changed their tune...
"See the Master is calling you now..."
Words are powerful.
They stop Jesus in his tracks.
He turns toward us.

I've been thinking about fasting also.
Maybe I will have to do that again once a week.
It has been on my mind.
We talked about it in my Bible Study.

Another thing that happened at TC yesterday
was that Cheryl gave me a copy of the book
"The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren.
"What on earth am I here for?" it says on the cover.
I had given my copy away on Thursday and
here on Sunday it is given back to me by a person
I have never met before.
I guess the Lord is telling me to read it.
I read some of it maybe a year ago and stopped.

Today I will be contacting Ellen at the Omaha World-Herald.
I think Spring To Life will have something in
next Sunday October 16 newspaper or
another Sunday coming up soon.
I am writing something and it needs to be edited.
I need feedback from Matt that I met yesterday.
I need to send the text to my friend in California.
It will happen soon.

I tried to listen to a previous sermon at TC on their web site,
but I could not get it to work this morning.
I think it was because I did not have Flash installed.
The sermons/messages are on the right side of this link above
once you get to their main page.

(October 9, 2005 Sun 6:46 AM CDT)

(Update at 8:25 PM:

(I'm listening to Roxette as I write this...)
Here are two pictures from this morning.
Picture 1 is a car in my neighborhood.
It is hilarious, as you can see.
I had to stop my car and get out and
take a picture of it.
It was parked illegally, also.
You can't park on that side of the street.
I was on my way to TC (Trinity Church).
Picture 2 is Russell Sage of Australia.
He was the guest speaker at TC at the 9:30 AM service.
He is a very interesting person.
He said to be careful what you speak.
There is great power in words.
Speak words of hope and encouragement.
I took notes.
He quoted all kinds of Bible verses,
so in the days to come I will note them for you.
There is a recording of his talk also at the church.
You can see some of the musicians too in the picture.
They were awesome!
Dave and Yvonne who were right next to me in row four
said these musicians are there every week.
They projected the words to sing on the walls on
both sides of the stage.
I like that... forget the hymnals.
It reminded me of SMMPG, but times a factor of 10.
I was right at home... Jesus was right there.
It was a very moving experience.
It took me a long time (hours later) to "calm down."
I met Matt afterwards in a room for new visitors.
We talked for about half an hour exchanging ideas.
All the Christian denominations drive me crazy... they do!
Why are there so many???
It is very sad and confusing.
We are all the body of Christ.
I have Matt's card and he has this web site,
so we will keep in contact.
I told him that I might put an advertisement in the newspaper
in response to Russell's message.
It would be something along the lines of "Pray For Omaha."
Pray for God to visit his people in Omaha.
I have the contact (Ellen) with the newspaper to get it printed,
if we can figure out what to say.
It was no coincidence that I was there on the day
Russell was there.
They waited 12 months to schedule him to come to Omaha.

1) 2)

I did make it to the spaghetti dinner at SRB around 4:15 PM.
It was good, but not as great as St. Ann's.

Yesterday I walked to the grocery store twice.
I could not carry everything, so I made two trips.
I think the neighbors down the street
are "worried" about me.
They give you a look like "are you that poor?"
They feel sorry for me because I don't have a car
which I do.
I just don't drive it one day a week.

As I walked around the neighborhood,
I listened to that tape of Sister Briege McKenna.
She is really funny in places.
I caught myself laughing out loud,
which is weird with earphones on.

I walked to 5:30 PM Mass at SRB (St. Robert Bellarmine) .
I keep seeing all these people I know
from 20 years ago there.
After church I talked to Don
that I used to ride the bus home from work with.
He retired long ago in 1988 he said.
I think he worked for Mutual of Omaha if I remember right.
We would both get off the bus at the same spot
and walk together to his house and
I would keep going to my house farther along.
We had many conversations together.
Also after church they had a signup table
to adopt a family for Christmas gifts.
I took the name Davell.
I just picked any name on the huge list.
He is 11 years old.
God bless him and his family.
They suggest buying him 3 gifts
from a list of things that he wants/needs.
Marianne and Rita were running the adopting a family table.
I told them I was listening to Sister Briege on tape.
Rita knew about Sister Briege, but Marianne did not.
I told them I would make copies of the tape
and bring them next week and drop them off.
I have made one copy so far and
the second copy is being made as I type this.
(The second tape is down now...
if you want a copy of this tape, send me an email.)
I have a tape deck from long ago
that can copy cassette tapes.
I had blank tapes just sitting around the house.
The priest (Father Damien) at Mass stopped by.
I showed him the name on the tape.
He said that he heard Sister Briege in Singapore .
I don't even know where that is.
I have to look it up.
The link above says that
it is on the Malay Peninsula in southeast Asia.
I also knew the reader of the Scriptures at Mass.
(Here is all the readings for Mass this weekend.)
Steve... he is a CPA and did the tax statements for
Spring To Life many years ago when we first got started.
Many memories... many people that I know there...
Today at SRB at 119th and Pacific in Omaha
they have a spaghetti dinner 3 PM to 7 PM,
so I will try to attend that and check it out.
There was no St. Ann's (24th and Poppleton)
spaghetti dinner this year.
They had the BEST spaghetti!
Maybe this can replace it...

This morning I will be going to church at 15555 West Dodge Rd
at 9:30 AM here in Omaha.
One of the people in my Bible Study attends this church.
It is called Trinity Church .
I wonder if I should wear a tie this time or not.
I probably will...

Here is one of the Scriptures that Steve read at Mass.
I quoted a different translation of it on October 5th.
"I can do all things in him who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13

Again... the Lord reminds us...
He gives you enough strength for today.
Don't worry about tomorrow.
Concentrate on today.
Focus on the people you meet today.
Give them your full attention.
Listen to them.
Be present to them.
Pray for them.
God be with you today.
I will be praying for you to accomplish great things...
just amazing things...
and touch many lives.

(October 8, 2005 Sat 6:24 AM CDT)

Bach and the organ are playing away...
It is very dark outside...
You can easily see Orion very well in the southern sky...
I just grabbed the newspaper from the driveway.
Yesterday I read 2 weeks of newspapers.
I was on vacation.
I got behind on my reading with everything going on in my life.
You know... two Bible Studies per week...
researching TVs... etc.

Number 6 "Supernatural" on Sara Evan's CD I really like.
There is a 22 seconds sample on the link above track 6.
I play it every time I get into my car.
Get the CD at Target, because it has 4 bonus songs on it.

I read that Ray died.
I knew him from SMMPG.
God be with his family and bless them at this time.
I missed the wake and funeral.
I need to at least check the obituaries each day
in the newspaper.

The new furnace that the Lord gave me is doing great.
Praise the Lord.
It has been cold the last two days in Omaha.
I feel like I live in a new house.

Last night I talked for about an hour to Rob at NFM.
This is the TV that we came up with for SFH...
a Toshiba 46HM95.
He said once you purchase it
they can deliver it the next day.
SFH needs it right away in their new building.
I read the story in the newspaper about the dedication
on October 3rd.
Even the mayor was there.
Hopefully next week the TV will be reality...
(get it? did you catch that? reality TV... ha ha)
Just doing some quick Google searches...
Best Buy says you can get a free TV stand,
if you buy this specific TV.
I better check that out today on my bicycle!

On another topic...
TSO (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)
is coming to the Qwest Center in Omaha
on Sunday, November 20th.
And Tuesday, November 22 to Denver at the Pepsi Arena.
Check it out!
Someone I work with goes every year
and really enjoys it.
I saw her on 14th and Dodge Street the other day
as I was driving west going to visit my friend
in the hospital.
I sent her an email just now to buy me a ticket.
She is a work-a-holic, so she will see my email today
eventhough it is Saturday.
(Update... she wrote back about 5 hours later...
she is out of town on vacation to Baja...)
She has a group of people that go each year to this.
I don't know if it is Christmas music or what.
I'm not sure.
Whatever it was she liked it a lot.

One thought I had this morning was to go
visit my cousin in Denver for a week.
I could work in downtown Denver...
that would be different!
I'd get to see those Rocky Mountains each day.
I wonder what he would think of that idea.
I just sent him an email.

My Mom says that she likes BBBT (Blue Bunny Bunny Tracks).
No lie...
I bought it for her the other day.

Thursday morning I was listening to a cassette tape
of a talk given at Creighton University in Omaha
on Saturday, December 12th, 1981.
I was there in person that day.
The speaker was Sister Briege McKenna of Ireland.
Here is a prayer for October
that she has recorded.
Some of the prayers she says:
"Jesus is not limited by time or distance.
Jesus, I trust in you.
Jesus, I believe in you.
Jesus, I adore you."
The tape she recorded in 1981 is as real today,
as it was back then.
The concept of the "Mosaic of Life" is on this tape
that I listen to maybe once each year.
It is a reminder to me of how great God is.
He is beyond time.
He is beyond our understanding.
He loves us very much and wants us to be holy.
I think of Sister Briege as a saint.
Really... I do...
She is walking among us.
She is showing us an example of how to live
in faith and trust the Lord.
As I said, she was here in Omaha in 1981...
not really that long ago in terms of eternity...
We are made by God and we will never be happy without him.
The other day I was listening to the pop song...
"Listen to your heart..." (sung by Roxette)
were some of the words in the song.
(I downloaded it from iTunes.)
If you do...
if you quiet down and listen to your heart
which is made by God... you can't help but turn to him...
you discover him...
he is awesome... he is out of this world...
he is cool... however you want to say it!

This is from the Thursday night Bible Study at my house...

"All Scripture is inspired of God
and is useful for teaching ---
for reproof, correction, and training in holiness
so that the man/woman of God may be fully competent
and equipped for every good work."
2 Timothy 3:16-17

Yes, study the Bible/Scriptures.
They are the words of God.
He is reaching out to you to inspire you.
He wants only the best for you.
He wants you to be holy.
He wants you to achieve great things.
Be fully competent.
Be inspired.

(October 7, 2005 Fri 6:27 AM CDT)

Many neat things happened yesterday.
After work I went to visit my friend in the hospital.
I bought her a 6 sample package lotions
with different fragrances from a store down the street.
I told her to check out one fragrance per day and
see which ones she liked.
I pointed out my favorite one (cran and berry).
Well... she had to try all 6 right away.
Whatever... you can't win...
I told her C3 when I left.
(I had to get home and clean my house for the Bible Study.)
I don't even tell my Mom C3.
It is too emotional.
That was never part of my family growing up.
I don't think I ever heard my Mom/Dad say it...
I could me wrong...
but it was a very rare occasion if I did hear it...
I wonder if my friend will die.
I guess I have to face reality.
I do pray to Jesus that she will be healed,
but maybe she will not be healed.
You put her in God's hands.

(October 6, 2005 Thu 6:15 AM CDT)

I went to the Holy Cross Bible Study last night.
There were about 25 people there.
They are studying the Gospel of John.
I have been reading about this gospel on the bus
in Barclay's book by coincidence.
They had tables of people and
groups had already formed from past Bible studies.
I sat down with some strangers
Helen, Fred and Betty.
For a half hour we discussed a handout with
questions about John Chapter 1.
Around 8 PM Father Carl showed up.
I was on my cell phone trying to call my Mom.
Helen knows my Mom and Dad and I was going to tell her this.
I got "into trouble" as always.
Father Carl made a comment about cell phones at church
disrupting the communion time of Mass one day...
it turned out it was HIS cell phone.
He was telling us about his recent vacation to Tempe, AZ.
He visited St. Tim's Church .
He loved their music.
At the end someone pretending to be Joan Rivers was introduced.
It was for some fun raiser event.
I will have to go and check it out someday.
He said the service was very charismatic.
He was also in Chicago and viewed this Broadway show Wicked .
It is a musical based on a the pre-wizard of oz timeframe.
He said is was fantastic.
The ending is out of this world.
You can't believe it.

(October 5, 2005 Wed 5:39 AM CDT)

The word is that I missed my cousin's birthday party
in Denver.
Well, that's the way it goes.
I will just have to fly out there sometime
and see him and create a party.
I told him about that stock that goes up 7 of 9 times
this year at the end of each month.
I sent him two Outlook calendar reminders on this.
We both work for the same company.

I did put an envelope in the mail to Colorado yesterday at lunchtime.
I got the address from email yesterday morning.
I usually put 3 stamps on important envelopes.
I put it in the wrong mail box near 17th and Farnam.
I tossed the envelope in and then noticed the sign
Only For Express Mail... sorry about that!
(Note: It did get to Colorado.)

This morning I'm listening to the new Sara CD
"Real Fine Place."
I got my copy at Target on Saddle Creek in Omaha yesterday.
They have 4 bonus tracks on their version for $9.98.

The last two days I have been driving my Mom's car around.
I drove it to NAPA Auto Parts on 61st and Grover
to buy The Club by Masterlock yesterday after work.
I had the person behind the counter
cut the plastic off of it.
That plastic covering on packages is really a pain sometimes.
She took a one edge razor to cut it open.
God bless her.
I put it right to use.
I parked the car and secured it.
It was nice to have "my car" back.
It was interesting to compare the two cars
as I drove Mom's car around.
Both have about 95K miles.
In fact I watched Mom's car roll 94,999 over yesterday.
The driver's door does not close tight.
Sometimes it had a warning light on the dashboard
that a door was open and I would open/close it again.
(Sara is singing away right now (5:59 AM) on bonus track 15 saying
"The best days are coming baby for you and me."
Sara is married and has 3 children.)

The last few days at work someone has been giving away
stacks of post-it notes out of the CBS (clear blue sky).
I have a stack about 3 inches high on my desk.
I'm starting to use them for noting tasks I need to do.
Like going to NAPA... that was on a post-it note
with address and phone number.
Buying Sara's CD... was on another post-it.
(Sara's CD ends with the words on bonus track 17:
"Thank you, thank you very much West Virginia.")

Last night at SFH (Siena/Francis House)
I ate dinner at the new building.
I got "in trouble" with Earl before dinner.
I walked right in like I owned the place...
well... Daniel, you just can't do that...
go stand over there with the other people waiting for dinner...
I wanted to wander around and look at the new beds,
but I was told not to wander around... ok...
One of the people sitting at my dinner table
told me that they need a big TV for the building.
I just happen to be doing research on big TVs lately.
What a coincidence!
I asked if they need a 62-inch Toshiba DLP.
This morning I'm thinking...
I get to buy a huge TV, but it won't be delivered to my house.
I told those at the table the TV is only $127 per month
for the rest of your life at NFM (Nebraska Furniture Mart).
I asked them if I could come and watch TV there.
They might let me in if I don't wander too far...
Please, can I watch my TV?
And I get to pick the channel.
The TV could be a memorial to my Dad... the JMB memorial TV.
His birthday is October 12th.

This morning I wrote this Bible verse on a 4 by 6 index card:

"I can do all things through Jesus Christ
who strengthens me."
Philip/Philippians 4:13

Jesus Christ is with you.
He is your strength to get through today.
This can be your best day.

(October 4, 2005 Tue 6:14 AM CDT)

It is interesting when you do a Google.com search
on my first and last name (dan boeckman).
It returns these top two entries:

Spring 2 Life (spring2life.com/indx9610.html)

Friday, December 31, 1999 (spring2life.com/dec31.html)

Both are from 1996 when Spring 2 Life
started on the Internet.
Both mention MKM.
You can see that today is my cousin's birthday in Denver
and that my niece's birthday (which I forgot) is on the 1st
and my Dad's is October 12.

I can't believe it...6:29 AM... I have to go!
I am out of here!
And I was just starting to have fun...

(October 3, 2005 Mon 4:44 AM CDT)

(Update at 8:49 PM:

Here is a picture from this morning at about 8 AM
of the mall in downtown Omaha.
It was a warm morning of 74 F degrees and windy.
I had just dropped off my Mom's car to have it worked on.
The leaves are starting to change colors.


Get out your calendar and mark this.
Holy Cross Church (48 and Woolworth, Omaha) is having a Bible Study
Wednesday nights at 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM
October 5 to November 16.
Father Carl will teach/lead it.
He likes the William Barclay books.
I have attended his Bible studies when he was at the
church on 10th and Williams and MOQ that I was at yesterday.
I will be bringing my Mom and my favorite sister might come.
You could meet all of us, if you live here in the Omaha area.
Yesterday the 3 of us went to the cemetery where my Dad is buried.
Here... look what we did... it was a team effort...

We got the situation with my Mom's car under control.
It took a miracle.
I will take it in to have it examined/fixed today
at 20th and Harney.

Yesterday at MOQ I did not accomplish my objective.
I was a failure.
I will have to try again next week and make some phone calls.
I did not even see Bob from SMMPG (St Margaret Mary's prayer group).
I did talk to Bill/William yesterday from SMMPG.
The both of us attended SMMPG for many years
in the 1980's and 1990's.

I got "yelled at" at Cathedral last night.
I did something wrong after the service.
I am in trouble.
Sorry about that... I'm not perfect...
Good thing I had a crash course on Anger Management Saturday
and watch Joel Osteen each week.

The music this morning?
Just Mozart... I know... same old thing...
The first thing this morning I got out my Walkman and headphones
and listened to the tape of my 3 favorite songs to wake up to.

The 3 songs are:
Redeemer by Nicole C. Mullen.
(Track 8 of this link.)

Joy by Cindy Morgan.
(Track 2 of this link.)

I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack.
(Track 2 of this link.)

It takes about 15 minutes to listen to them.

(October 2, 2005 Sun 6:07 AM CDT)

I am in trouble...
I forgot my niece's birthday yesterday.
I turned the page of the calendar in the south bedroom,
but did not read it too closely.
I am bad.

Yesterday afternoon Philip (with one "L")
rang my doorbell twice.
Doctor's offices like to spell his name
with 2 L's he said.
He and his buddy aerated my lawn for $30.
They mowed the lawn at another house.
We kept them busy on our street.
They aerated the neighbor's yard for free.
She got blessed and Philip got me as a customer.
I will be calling him this winter also
for snow removal.
I was going to buy a snow blower,
but now I have Philip and friends.
You can call his business in the Omaha area 813-3890.

ESPN says we won the football (Nebraska) game yesterday,
so it is 4 and zip now for the season.
I watched the opening drive of 14 plays
which were scripted.
They should "script" the whole game.
Zac did not look too bad.
He was 6 for 6 on passes to start the game.
I like the script!
Do it again!

Today one of my goals is to introduce
3 people to each other.
I will be attending church at
MOQ in Omaha at 11:00 AM Mass today.
(I know pastor Bob
from St. Margaret Mary's (62 & Dodge) prayer group.
I have a picture of him from that wedding of long ago.)
The Lord wants me to make contact between these 3 people.
They need to know each other.
I am not sure why.
It might be music.
All three are involved with music in some way or other.
God gave me an assignment and I said OK.
I don't ask many questions when God says to do something.
He is the one in control of the world.

I rented and reviewed the movie
Anger Management yesterday.
I had to walk to the video place and back of course.
It is not a kid's movie.
You need to be at least 18 to see it I would say.
There is a lot of sexual humor in it.
I was laughing out loud (LOL) a lot.
It takes awhile to get going,
but then it is rolling and hilarious.
I even want to see some of the scenes again
before I return it.
I fell in love with Linda/Marisa.
She is not even married from what I see
in a quick Google search.
The movie trailer tells you more than you need to know.
Why do they put the best scenes in the trailer?
It spoils the surprises.
In other words don't watch the movie trailer.
(Sounds like I am angry.)
I do need to work on my anger.
I do!
I keep things bottled up inside and then explode.
I need to do some venting, so I don't blowup.
I have a lot to learn.
I need to work on my communications.
I don't say what is on my mind.
I keep it all inside until boom.
I need to go to Anger Management.

"See to it, then,
that you put an end to lying;
let everyone speak the truth to his neighbor,
for we are members of one another.
If you are angry, let it be without sin.
The sun must not go down on your wrath;
do not give the devil a chance to work on you.
The man who has been stealing
must steal no longer;
rather, let him work with his hands
at honest labor so that he will have
something to share with those in need.
Never let evil talk pass your lips,
say only the good things people need to hear,
things that will really help them.
Do nothing to sadden the Holy Spirit
with whom you were sealed against
the day of redemption.
Get rid of all bitterness,
all passion and anger, harsh words,
slander, and malice of every kind.
In place of these,
be kind to one another,
compassionate, and mutually forgiving,
just as God has forgiven you in Christ."
Ephesians 4:25-32

I did not know when to stop.
The words just kept going and going
getting better and better.
Do what it says...
It is all there... read it...
The Lord will be with you,
as you change your life.
The word of God will change you!

(October 1, 2005 Sat 6:25 AM CDT)

I turned the pages on my 3 calendars this morning.
It is going to be hard to top what happened in September.
My word... a lot of things happened... sad and joyful...

Last night I called and then went to the Bike Rack .
They are in Omaha at 144th and Maple one block south.
I put my old bicycle from the 1970's into the truck
of the car and had them take a look at it.
It would cost at least $200 to get it up to speed,
so they suggested buying a new bike.
They pointed out the Trek 7100 .
From what I see that would easily meet my needs
to ride the bike trails round town.
I told them I would read up on it on the Internet
and get back to them.
They want $299 for it,
which is much less than one car payment.

My Mom did not like my haircut...
she said to "fire" Michal...
it is different... it is much shorter...
I got it cut short to experience a little of
what my friend that has cancer is going through.
I was over to visit her yesterday at her house
and she said that she lost ALL her hair...
everywhere you can think of it...
like on your face and arms... you name it...
all gone...

This morning I'm listening to that Wolfgang guy again...
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Violin Concerto No. 1 in B flat, K.207
No. 3 in G, K.216
No. 5 in A, K.219 "Turkish"
Now you remember what a concerto is, right?
We learned that last month.
He did not live long... 35 years... very young...
This CD came to my front doorstep yesterday from amazon.com.

Recently I joined and bid on two items on ebay.com.
I won both bids.
Yesterday I received the first item in the mail.
The second item is on its way.
After you receive the item you give feedback on the seller.
Can you trust them or not?
So far I am two for two.
Maybe I bid too high for them.
I probably paid more than they are worth.
I have not tried to sell anything yet.
What should I sell?
I will have to look around the house and see.

The last two days I have been blessed in the Stock Market.
I even told a few other people about 6 out of 8 times
this one stock goes up on the last day of the month.
I was watching it from home, since I was on vacation yesterday.
Now it is 7 out of 9 times up on the last day.
The odds are in your favor.
77% of the time it advances on the last day of the month.
I better go ride my current bike #2 and
get a seasonal muffin to celebrate.
Please, stand by...
Wow that took a long time... (8:36 AM)
I went to the grocery store and talked to Barb.
I bought some flowers and small box of candy.
What is Daniel up to this morning... you ask...
I took the flowers to Starbucks and
gave them to Kitt (8.5 hours) and Kim (6.5 hours)...
"K and K" I said...
I said here is something to get you through the day.
I listed the hours yet to go for each of them.
I told them I was their neighbor.
I bought a blueberry and a seasonal muffin.
One today and one tomorrow...

Then I talked to the neighbor.
She was hanging up her red Nebraska football flag.
I told her that "A win is a win."
We are 3 and zip.
Put the defense on offense is the consensus.
Two of my brothers are going to the game today in Lincoln.
She gave me a print out of this poem...
The Computer Swallowed Grandma .

Speaking of neighbors...
I met another neighbor that lives
across the backyard fence last night.
She called to me from my front yard.
I was trimming the bushes and
she was having a surprise birthday party
for a roommate (Travis) and she gave me a piece of paper
with phone numbers in case they got too loud.
I told her I run a fan (air purifier) at night and
it should not bother me.
Just the bass of music bothers me,
so I did not hear "anything" last night.
And God bless Travis on his birthday and his roommates.

Cousin Sam from Johnstown, Colorado sent most of my
family members here in Omaha
invitations to the family reunion July 8, 2006.
(Note the 5th picture on the link above.
That is the name of the stock I made $$$ from.
And they have at least 3 churches in their town.)
July 8 is a Saturday.
Who thinks/dreams that far ahead?
Not me.
I made a notation on December page of the calendar
in my south bedroom to mark this date when
I buy a 2006 calendar in very late December.

One of my thoughts this morning to "justify"
buying that huge 62-inch Toshiba TV is
to invite the neighbors over for a movie party
on occasion and get to know my neighbors better.
They call that rationalization, right?
I could just pay the $127 per month for the rest of my life.
They would have to bring the popcorn.
I wonder if I can ride my bike to NFM (Nebraska Furniture Mart).

Here is the very first Bible verse
that I wrote yesterday on a 4 by 6 index card:
That is right... a first... here on the first of October...

"Be joyful always;
pray continually;
giving thanks in all circumstances,
for this is the will for you in Christ Jesus."
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

I can't add anything to that...
Get out an index card or piece of paper or post-it note
and write that down and save it and read it and reread it.
Let it sink in.

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