November 1 to 8, 1996

(November 8, 1996
8:07 AM CST)

This morning I checked the Post Office Box and nothing is there.

I gave a copy of God Is Calling You to Vice President Arlis to read over.

Bible study on Psalm 139 is at lunch time again.

(November 7, 1996
8:47 PM CST)

I just finished Version 2 of God Is Calling You .

Jon Christenson was not there at SOI when I arrived today.

(November 7, 1996
7:43 AM CST)

Today I wrote back to two people. One was from Tekemah and one from Yutan both in Nebraska.

I should be going to Sons of Italy (SOI) for lunch. It will be interesting to see if Jon Christenson shows up to thank us for voting for him. I asked him to come back when I was at SOI last week.
Do you think he will be there?

I would like to work on writing my book, but I don't seem to have time. Pray that I figure this out --- what to do to get this writing done.

(November 6, 1996
7:42 AM CST)

On Monday I had lunch with Mr. Jones of UPRR . I always kid him about the "Mr. Jones" in the story "The Bridge Is Out" . He is always watching the newspaper to see if I do anymore writing about "Mr. Jones".

(November 5, 1996
7:43 AM CST)

My cousin moved in my house, so I'm trying to adjust to this change. Pray for God to bless him. Thanks.

On Sunday I was at Boys Town and checked out the rose garden to see how it was doing after the 20-degree weather we have had lately. These roses are in bad shape. They are wiped out!
Except for one...
There was one pink rose in bloom. It was an "Artistry" rose and it was looking great. Now you tell me what that means. I called my friend Patty to ask her what she thought about it. She did not know what to think at 12:41 PM when I called her.

Last week we received a total of 6 letters in the mail. That is amazing!

Pray for Maureen.
She needs help.
(All of us need help.)

(November 4, 1996
8:07 AM CST)

This morning I was working on a new song titled "Never leave you". I wrote about 5 verses of lyrics to this tune.

Hey you have a wonderful rainy day with the Lord.

(November 3, 1996
6:51 AM CST)

On November 1 I received 3 more letters in the Post Office Box #991 in downtown Omaha. I ran out of copies of Friday, December 31, 1999 , so I have to go to Kinko's to have more made. It is amazing that I'm still receiving letters from the two articles the last (To Be A Success In 1996) of which was printed 3 weeks ago today. It must be that people are copying them and giving them to friends.

Yesterday I was out raking the leaves around my house. And I'm still not done --- there are more leaves in my 3 maple trees.

Hey, the sun is up at 7:10 AM. I just watched it out the kitchen window. It took about 3 minutes to pop up over the neighbor's house down the street. It is bright!

Yesterday I finally got this tune on tape that I've been humming to myself for a few months (or maybe years). It has the words "Never Leave You" in it. As in Jesus, will never leave you. He is your best friend. It is just a simple tune and I purchased a tape recorder last week just to capture such things. I don't even have a piano or music composer software for my PC.

This morning I'm listening to the imaginary soundtrack for my movie "Jacob: The Messenger". The song currently playing is "The Dance" by Garth Brooks .

(November 2, 1996
5:33 AM CST)

Good Morning it is another cold morning here in Omaha .

The Bible Study yesterday was not what I expected, but life is full of surprises. Jesus was right there --- we were gathered in His name. There is so much to say! There is so much to learn! We have much to share with each other. Would you reach out and share with your brothers and sisters in Christ? Would you show that "you are Christians by your love for one another"?
We read Psalms 139 and talked about what some of the verses meant to us.
"O Lord, you have searched me and you know me."
These are powerful words to dwell on and think about and share with others.
We will continue our study next week.

(November 1, 1996
5:13 AM CST)

This a new month.
Turn that page on the calendar.

It is All Saints Day.
One day I hope and pray you are a saint.
What do you think?
Are you destined for glory?
Are you heading for the Kingdom of God?
Life is so short.

And since it is a new month...
why not change my home page around?
The old stuff is still there at
October 1996

if you want to go back there.

I say let us move on!
Yes, we should learn from the past,
but let us get on with living and growing!
Hey, today is a day like no other.
Jesus calls you today to grow
in his grace and love.

Today I'm going to have a Bible Study with
people that I have never studied the Bible
with before.
Hey, life is an adventure.
Would you take some chances?!
They do not go to the same church that I do.
Would you step out of your "comfort zone"
and go with the Spirit?
Would you please pray with
your brothers and sisters
in other Christian churches?

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