November 17 to 30, 1996

Never repay evil for evil
Keep your eyes focused on Jesus

Have a thankful heart

What can I do for someone else today?

Expect great things!

(November 30, 1996
1:59 PM CST)

Yesterday I worked on my taxes. It is getting close to the end of the year.

Today I will type in another article titled "The Missing Christmas Tree" . It will take a little while, so be patient. (It is there.) It was in the newspaper on December 15, 1986.

How about a picture of a Christmas Tree (175K) ?

(November 29, 1996
7:39 AM CST)

It's raining this morning in Omaha .

Today there is a football game for the school where I went to college (UNL) . It is in Lincoln, Nebraska which is about 50 miles away.
I just viewed the Star City Web Cam . It looks like it is raining in Lincoln, too.

(November 28, 1996
5:56 AM CST)

Happy Thanksgiving!
Even if you're not in the USA you can thank the good Lord today for all his many blessings.

I'm listening to Handel's "Water Music" this morning.

(November 27, 1996
5:40 AM CST)

Last night I loaded a Beta version of Microsoft Office 97 and I have some new fonts as I view this page in Netscape . The font is "Times New Roman".

Tomorrow is, of course, Thanksgiving Day here in the USA. It is a day to give thanks to God for all that he has done for us this year. Here in Nebraska we have had a record harvest of corn. I told people this months ago that it was a very good crop. I pointed this out to my friend Mary. She is a witness at BoysTown. The Lord pointed that out to me months ago to make note of the corn and it has turned out to be a record year. I pointed this out to my Dad also. You can ask him. So we thank the Lord for his great blessings here in the center of the USA.

(November 25, 1996
5:53 AM CST)

Let us give thanks to God for another day.
Let's give thanks all week for what God has done for us.

I'm typing up another old story titled "Destination" from May 20, 1985.

(November 24, 1996
7:00 AM CST)

It's the Lord's Day.
Rest in the Lord.
Praise his holy name today at church.

(November 23, 1996
7:16 PM CST)

I just typed in another old article titled "Now Is The Time" from May 2, 1993.
It is all about forgiveness. Check it out!

(November 23, 1996
6:37 AM CST)

This morning I'm listening to Joe Stowell on KCRO 660 AM here in Omaha .

(November 22, 1996
5:43 AM CST)

This is Friday. Give praise to God today.

I'm listening to a tape by Steve Green

(November 20, 1996
5:43 AM CST)

I typed up an old article from the New York Times on May 25, 1986. It is titled "Spring To Life In 1986" . It is interesting to note that the U.S.S.R. is already gone that was mentioned in the article.

I ask your prayers today for Joe and Tom.
Ask God to bless them both.
It should be an interesting day ---
as always...

At work (U S WEST) yesterday I gave a copy of the "Prayer For Today" titled "Come And See" to my friend, Diane. Maybe it will bless you, too.

(November 19, 1996
5:25 AM CST)

Good Morning.
I'm listening to a cassette tape by Point Of Grace .

(November 18, 1996
5:53 AM CST)

I wished Martin a Happy Birthday yesterday and he wrote back. It's such a small world. Martin lives in Sweden I think.

We actually had a day of sunshine yesterday. I watched the sun come up at about 7:22 AM out the east window of my house.

Every day is a challenge. Please pray for me. Like should I put another advertisement in the newspaper or not? Should "God Is Calling You" be printed or not. This would be another $800 or $900. Does God want me to spend this money?

Yesterday I went for a walk at about 10 AM at the Westroads Mall. It was in the 20s outside (i.e. cold). The businesses were closed and it was relatively quiet. There were about 50 walkers and they play classical music on the speaker system. In a few shops they had meetings with employees sitting on the floor. They were discussing business strategies or how to treat customers or something. It was interesting to see. Most of the employees were in their 20's and younger. "I hope they have time to go to church" was a thought that crossed my mind.

(November 17, 1996
6:11 AM CST)

The radio just said there were 50 auto accidents near North Platte, Nebraska because of the snow and freezing rain. Take it easy, if you have to drive today.

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